Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today was Miss 7 Miss 8's birthday!

Celebrations all round at work today! I didn't get to see her before she went to school and I told her to ring me if she had a spare minute, but didn't get the call so she was obviously very busy with special pancakes for brekkie and opening up all of her birthday presents! Thursday's all the kids are at school so it was my job day so I had a little bit of extra time to set up a hunt for her birthday present and make her favourite afternoon tea - avocado dip with crackers! 

The 'crystal mining' present was a HUGE HIT! Miss 7 Miss 8 is totally obsessed with crystals and gems at the moment and has a big collection. This pack has a big large rock and they get archeological tools and they have to chip and cut away at the rock to reveal the gems! Awesome! She loved it and sat for an hour playing it after school! I searched through toy stores and the toy aisles at the big stores but all of the toys these days are so generic and just didn't grab my attention! She is very mature for a 8 year old and barbie just didn't cut it this year! So after searching through the usual shops I went straight to the Australian Geographic Store. I don't know why I didn't go there first! Whenever I need a present this will be my first stop! The 'toys' and presents in there are so much more educational and fun! I enjoyed shopping for the kids there! I also got Mr 5 who is turning 6 in 2 weeks a similar present except instead of gems they are dinosaur bones and at the end they make a dinosaur! Perfect!

Being the birthday girl Miss 8 got to choose where she wanted to go for dinner! of course she chose the most amazing restaurant SONO which is a Japanese restaurant down at the port side. She asked me especially if I would join them for dinner as part of the family! How could I say no! oh my goodness the restaurant was so divine. I wish I could have taken photos for you all! The table and decor and atmosphere was amazing and the food was to die for! We had Teppanyaki and it was so much fun! A wonderful night was had by all...especially the birthday girl! 

Tomorrow I am off to her school to make pizzas with 40 grade 2's for 4 hours! Can't wait! I have my apron and kneading hands ready :) 

~ Have a lovely Friday everyone ~

x S.K.K x


Hayley said...

Looks like a great special you must feel being invited to share it with her! Love the presents..such good ideas.
I have looked after Aali since she was 3 months old...first at the centre, then family daycare, and now just privately two days a week. It's not much but it provides a little extre $$ and she really is an easy chiild..unlike her big sister who is now at kindy :P

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Sounds like such a lovely day you had :) So sweet she wanted you there for dinner, what a beautiful compliment.

x S.K.K x said...

Oh how wonderful Hayley! I think it's so special to have that connection with a child that is not your own and share their little journey with them! It was a lovely day Cat and I was very happy she asked me :)