Wednesday, September 1, 2010


~ I want to celebrate and live my life ~

 Spring is here and I am going to use this new change of season to shape up…on the inside. Throughout winter I find that I get comfortable…too comfortable. I settle into life, I settle into my routines, I actually think I get into a little bit of a rut. I keep to myself I go where I need to and keep to myself and my computer and my couch. I think now is the time to give myself a swift kick up the but and get back into living this beautiful life I have. I found myself being a bit negative over the last few months. Yes it has been hard with my husband’s car crash and then loosing his job but I am so thankful that he is still here with me and in perfect health and that I have a wonderful job that has kept us going through this ordeal AND he has a job interview tomorrow (yay) so fingers crossed we are off to a new start.
So it’s time to snap out of it, embrace the new season, and enjoy the sunshine, the new colours, the breeze, the flowers and the smells.

This week I have been sitting back and just watching the world pass me by. I have been watching friends, strangers, loved ones and how they act, interact and deal with this crazy world we live in. I consider myself a very friendly person; I take the time to listen, to be there for people, I feel a simple smile can brighten anyone’s day. While I was in my ‘rut’ it actually gave me time to sit back, observe and think about our lives. Unfortunately by watching people I found that too many people seemed to be very busy, too busy, and are letting their worlds pass them by. People are in such a rush these days. They have meetings to be in, appointments to take, and deadlines to meet. They walk 100 miles per hour with their heads down or their phone glued to their ear. They speed in their cars, honk their horn when something doesn’t go their way and even yell abuse. In my own negativity I found that I became more aware of the negativity in our world. I guess this was my big wakeup call which showed me that life is too short to not smile and celebrate my life every day.
Thank you spring for opening my eyes and allowing me to breath!
x S.K.K x


Hayley said...

Oh Good Luck with the job interview though I am sure he will do great. Hope your days are filled with lots of sunshine and happiness :)

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

This is a really lovely, inspiring post Sarah! So true....most people are in such a hurry to get through their days....that their lives are disappearing before them! I don't like being around negativity either! And every now & then I have to pull myself out of a rut too! I love your honesty!
And good luck to Rob for tomorrow's interview!

MrsKT said...

Lovely post, you are right life is too short, we should enjoy what we have and the wonderful people around us :)

x S.K.K x said...

Thank You for the kind words and luck! The interview went well and they are trying their hardest to get him a position! May take a few weeks but good things come to those who wait :) I hope you all enjoyed this second HOT spring day and smiled all day long :)

Mira said...

I've come via Claire's post today. So right! I realised it only yesterday... so I ditched my planned dinner and made my boys boiled eggs and toast for dinner instead (which is the first time in *ages* they've eaten all their dinner) Then we sat down to make Meccano planes and cranes together. Everyone happy!!! Need to remember to do this more often because it seems I am always so so busy.

x S.K.K x said...

Oh Mira that's fantastic to hear! The boys would have loved that special treat :) Yes sometimes we have to make a conscious decision to stop and enjoy those special moments :)Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! x

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Beautiful post Sarah.
Spring beginning has also made me stop and enjoy more time with my friends and family, just to be in the moment, be present. Less time on the computer too. And make more time for kisses and cuddles from my girls.
Hope your hubby gets the job too :)

Sarah said...

I hope all went well with the interview...happy spring days to you and enjoy your week.

x S.K.K x said...

Thank You so much ladies and welcome to my new readers! I'm enjoying the connection :)