Monday, September 13, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Meme

I am very new to the wonderful world of blogging yet I am totally addicted to this crazy little online world! I read blogs for a few months before taking the leap and starting one of my own! This is my own little 'haven' my own little space where I can laugh, cry, share, read, learn and experience with a beautiful bunch of blogger's! I love reading other blogger's experiences and special moments and being allowed a little peak into their beautiful journey of life!

One of my favourite blogger's that I love to read is Claire over at Scissors Paper Rock I love reading about her journey, her family and her booming business! Her thoughts and writing are so truly beautiful and unique and leave me feeling inspired to smile every day! I was so surprised when the beautiful Claire had passed on the Kreativ Blogger Meme to me the other day and was so excited to receive this and join in the fun! 

As part of this honour I am to share 7 random facts with you all. As I am quite new to the wonderful online world of blogging I though this would be a wonderful chance to share a little bit about me and the person that I am. Even if they are only 7 random facts I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about ME :)

I have not had a full nights sleep in over 2 years - In August 2008 I had surgery. I went in to get my appendix out but when on the table they found a large tumor (non cancerous) on my bowel which they had to remove. I went from an hours surgery, an over nights stay and a weeks recovery to a 5 hour operation, a weeks stay in hospital and 2 month recovery. I haven't slept since! 

I do not drink Alcohol - I don't have anything against it or people who do (my husband, family and friends all do) it's just something I don't believe in and I believe my body is better off without it! Don't get me wrong I have drunk in the past but I had my indulgent stage and then got over it! 

I don't drink coffee or tea or energy drinks - My addiction is Chocolate and it gets me through the day! 

I completed 80% of my teaching degree and then quit - All my life I wanted to be a teacher - primary - I lived for it and couldnt wait to have a class and classroom of my own - I competed all pracs and achieved the highest possible marks however in my last semester something changed - I couldn't do it anymore - I had the passion and I will make a wonderful teacher one day I just felt I needed to experience more of this world - learn more see more before taking a child's education into my own hands. It means more to me than just a degree and I feel I couldn't give them the education they deserved without experiencing life. 

I am totally addicted to the television show 'The Secret Life of the American teenager' at the moment. I watch an episode every night before bed :) 

I collect books - As I buy a new book I write the date and what is happening in my life at that time - I can not wait until I am 60, sitting on my porch with my grandchildren, reading through each one and remembering and sharing my special journey with them. 

I want to be a mum more than anything in this world - I just can't wait to create a gorgeous new life with my Rob and show them the wonders of this world. It's hard for me at the moment as everyone around me is having babies and I know we could have one at any time but we want to wait and be emotionally, physically and financially stable before we start trying! Even though it's hard waiting I know it's the best decision for our baby. A quote I have to keep reminding myself every day is "The most important part of parenting are the decisions you make before you are pregnant" This is written here beside my computer and every time I want to throw caution and planning into the air and have a baby I remind myself that we want to do it OUR way. And when it happens it will be so magical! 

That is ME - raw, honest, true - you may agree or disagree with my beliefs, ideas and plans but that's ME :)

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the person I am. 

I now pass the ever so wonderful Kreativ Blogger Meme onto my favourite bloggers! 

Hayley at Our Unique Journey  

Sarah at One Perfect Day

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I am learning, growing and changing in this world and I am so lucky to have found a safe place where I can speak and be heard.
Thank you for sharing my journey.

x S.K.K x 


Hayley said...

Wow thanks for thinking of me xx
and for sharing..I found out a few things that make me think we have a fair bit in common! It looks like you had another great weekend..gotta love QLD weather xx

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Awww a gorgeous post Sarah! Thank you for your kind words about me & my blog :) You've made me smile! Your blog always makes me smile!!
I love that you collect books & write inside them the date & a little about what's going on in life at that time...that is so precious!! And that's a beautiful tradition you can start with your own children one day every time they get a new book :)
Ella is a little bookworm & I should do that in some of her favourite books :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Sarah...this is so sweet and I am really touched that you thought of me. Enjoy the rest of your week and i love your wordless Wednesday photo today. x