Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fun

 Eeeek tonight I did the unthinkable! I dyed my own hair! Does anyone else use store bought dye and do it themselves? I have a wedding tomorrow and I am in DESPERATE need of a hair colour so I quickly ducked into the chemist on my way home from work. I scanned the LARGE range of hair dyes and saw one which said "100% grey coverage and 10 minute process time - perfect for me - that had me sold! and yes yes I can see you all sitting there reading this saying pfft she's young she doesnt have grey hair...unfortunately this is not the case! I have the bad genes from my father and have been grey since age 17 BOO!!! so every 4 weeks on a Saturday at 9.00am my hairdresser comes to my house and colours my roots! This has been happening for years, however I missed my last appointment and its been 7 WEEKS since my colour so I have about an inch of grey regrowth which desperately needed touching up for the wedding tomorrow! So anyway I bought my hair dye which by the way was $15.99 which is a huge jump from when I used to buy it a couple of years ago for $8 - $9 ar the joys of inflation. Hair is still wet so fingers crossed it looks ok in the morning! Do you dye your own hair or go to the hairdressers?? I'm thinking about sticking to dyeing my own...a lot cheaper and I can do it in my own time! I wish I could leave it and keep it natural :( Don't think grey is a natural colour for a girl my age though ;)

I had a good day today! Tomorrow night in our city we have Riverfire where they line up the bridge with fireworks and light up the sky. They also have the jet planes fly over which are very very loud! I've never been but there was a huge buzz amoungst the kids in the city today! Each Friday before the event the jets have a practice! This year it was at 2 o'clock and as the house I work at is right on the river I was excited to show the youngest the planes! We waited and waited at 2.00 but unfortunately the jets didn't pass us and we didn't even hear them! They must have not come our end of the river! At least he will get to see them tomorrow night! He is very excited and really understands it this year! I hope he doesn't get scarred!

I am staying at my parents house tonight as we are getting up bright and early for a road trip up to Hervey Bay! My favourite place in the world! My cousin is getting married tomorrow so we are going up for the weekend to celebrate their special day with them and visit all of my family! I haven't been up there in over a year which is a long time for me so I am super excited to see everyone and the bay! I also get to see my wonderful grandparents who I am extremely close with! I can not wait for my big cuddle! I am never too old for my grandparents hug!

~ I hope you all have a beautiful weekend filled with sunny skies and smiling faces ~

x S.K.K x


Hayley said...

Have a lovely weekend and BTW it is shaping up to be a beautiful day at the bay!! Look forward to seeing some pics xx

Maxabella said...

Brave you! I'm contemplating meeting a bottle in my own bathroom but so far... no! x

x S.K.K x said...

Don't do it! Stick to the hairdressers hahah my hair was still completely grey :( Oh Hayley the bay really put on a show for us! The weather was just perfect on Sat! Pics coming soon xxx

The Web Master said...

From Sarah's grey haired dad : let nature take it's toll, enjoy the greys, you to can look as sexy as me, lol, love Dad.