Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Sad Day turned to Smiles

Today hasn't been a very good day. I just woke up after only 4 hours sleep feeling blugh! A guy I used to go to school with, his little sister tragically took her own life on Sunday. My mum taught her only a couple of years ago and I used to tutor her friends so my heart has just been aching for them and her family all week. It tears me up inside to think that young girls her age are just so sad that they feel they have no other choice but to go. I pray that her family and friends find the strength they need to get through this terrible time! The funeral is tomorrow and I will be thinking of them all, especially my mum, she is quite upset but is being so strong and such an amazing support for all the girls. the teachers and the school community. Today is also 1 year since my Grandpa passed away! I am not sad by this as I know that he is in complete peace up there in heaven. I am sad for my Dad and Grandma though as they miss him dearly. What made me the saddest today was I was doing my works grocery shop and there was an elderly couple outside Coles. She was saying John John are you ok? and he was just staring saying nothing, I walked passed but her frail voice was loud and clear in my mind so I dropped my shopping and went to help her. As I got to her, her poor husband started vomiting everywhere and she was trying to clean it up yet still holding him up. I just held her - I knew she wanted to be there for him so I didn't dare take her away from his side but I helped them both to the doctors surgery to get him in immediate care. When they took him in and his back was facing her she started crying and was so upset my heart just absolutely broke. She was worried about him but was also worried about her shopping so I told her I would take care of it and I would take it to coles and they will put her cold stuff in the fridge. I told her it was all ok and to go be with her John. I didn't go back to see if he was ok. I know I had done all I could. I knew he was in wonderful hands and the dear lady was by his side. That's all that matters! I then headed home to my daily Thursday chores of washing, ironing and cleaning the toy room. No smiles and cuddles and plays from the kids to make me feel better however when folding the washing I came cross these cuties that put a smile on my face...

and then when I was cleaning the toy room I came across this LITTLE classic...

~ beside my phone for size comparison - isn't it just gorgeous ~

A few more 'specials' that made me smile today...

~ Super cute tissue box that can fit in your cup holder ~

~ a little present from Miss 8 from a charity stall at school ~

~ my new wallet ~

~ my dress and bracelets for a wedding on Sat - IMPULSE BUY...woops ~

~ my precious playing in her box (fruit box with a hole cut out) She's like her mumma -
she likes the simple things ~

It started off as a gloomy day and just when I thought I couldn't shake the sad mood I was in I looked beyond the obvious and found beauty in the little things. Such simple things can be so special and definitely made me smile today. It's not always about achieving greatness or excelling in projects or creating a master piece. It's about appreciating those small things that make life grand...especially on days like today!

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Sarah, I actually started to tear up whilst reading the start of this post! You are so lovely to stop & take the time to help that elderly couple...most people would just keep walking! I remember being heavily pregnant & had a random day where morning sickness decided to return & I got really dizzy & ill-feeling in the bank so started to head for the door so I wasn't sick inside! As soon as I got out the door, I started being sick in the garden & was almost falling many people walked by & not ONE person stopped to see if I was ok or to help :(
You're a GEM!!!
And as for the teenage girl who took her own life...I too heard about that {living in the same travels quickly hey!} and my heart BROKE!! So so so sad!
It was so lovely to see all the little things that made you smile after a sad start to the day!
Have a great weekend xo

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh my goodness, what a day!
hope all is ok with you, must have been a few hard days to deal with & I hope you have managed a few more smiles from little sweet things around the place.
well done on helping out and especially for not panicking (i would have panicked I think)
sending you hugs & hoping this week is a very quiet one for you!