Saturday, September 15, 2012

100 DAYS

The countdown is on...

There are only 100 days until 

Oh Christmas, beautiful Christmas! I know this year has flown but ring those jingle bells baby 'cause it's time to start prepping for the best holiday of the year! I love love love love Christmas. You all know I am a child at heart and this special holiday truly excites me! It is just full of magic. It's about joy. It's about peace. It's about love. This puts a smile on my dial that no one could possibly every wipe away. 

As we get closer, the planning begins. My most favourite part of Christmas is decorating our house. 4 years ago we started putting lights up out the front. Each year we have added a few special pieces to our display. This year I am very excited as we now have a fireplace so Santa will definitely be making an appearance on that chimney! 

Our dream is to create a magical Christmas wonderland out the front of our house. It will take time and a few years but we will get there. A few months ago my dream came true. A little boy was walking past our house with his dad. He said "look daddy it's the Christmas house, it's the Christmas house" I cried! I seriously bawled my eyes out after hearing this and seeing the excitement on this little boys face. To be known on as the 'Christmas House' fills my heart with so much joy I swear its about to burst! We dont have anything fancy, and it has nothing on the 4KQ entries but we love it and so does that little boy! That is enough for me! 

Keep coming back little boy! It will get bigger and better every year :-) 
Bring on Christmas and all the happiness it has to offer :-) 
100 days to go

x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

YAY 100 days!!
So excited!

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

You're the Christmas House!! Yay!! LOVE IT!!!!!

I can't wait til Xmas!!! Yeehaah! Bring it :)