Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Daily Walk

This is one of the major reasons I quit my job!  

How gorgeous is our local dog park. It is a 2.5 km walk from our house. I'm in love. It is surrounded by gorgeous gum trees, has a beautiufl lake on one side and the river on the other. Walking my dogs here and having a play with them makes me happier than I can ever explain to you. This sure is one of the main reasons why I quit and wanted a new life. I wanted time. Time to be with my loved ones, my friends and most of all my animals. I wanted to have the time to take an hours walk in the afternoons with my babes and throw a ball at the dog park. I wanted life to slow down so I could enjoy.

It is the special moments that will be the memories that last forever.

x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

Aw, I agree! Being with our loved one (furred or not) is so important!!

x S.K.K x said...

I'm really cherishing this extra time with them all!

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

What a beautiful afternoon