Monday, September 24, 2012

Operation MOVE

Support brings us together and motivates us to be our absolute best selves.

It's no secret that I love this beautiful crazy online world. The main reason is because of the gorgeous unique and genuine people that I have met through these social media outlets. They inspire me every day. They inspire me to be positive, they inspire me to find the beauty in life, they inspire me to be myself and now the beautiful Kate from "Kate Says Stuff" Is inspiring me to MOVE.

I'm loving the gym and I'm loving exercise but it's no secret that I fall in and out of this love affair. When things get busy or tough I focus on those and my gym takes bottom of the list. The thing is, I love it so much when I'm there. Right now, when my Motivation is running red hot, the gym is what fuels me. I look forward to each class and I enjoy every minute of it. I want this to last. I want it to become a life style and not just an on and off rocky relationship. This is where Kate comes in. She is making us accountable for our exercise. She has organised a wonderful program called operation MOVE. we commit to a certain amount of minutes per month and we work our butts off to reach our goal. It's not just me now. She has made a massive commitment to us and in return I owe her my commitment.

I am happy with where I am. I am at my ideal body weight and I am happy with the way I look. By ideal body weight, I mean my clothes fit nice and I feel confident. I've haven't weighed myself in months. I'm not a scales girl I'm a mirror girl. I go on how I look in the mirror rather than what my number is on the scales. I go to gym to keep my fitness up and I am working on building my strength. My monthly goal for Operation MOVE is 960! That's 240 minutes per week. I'm a couple of weeks behind for the month of September. But that's ok! I'll stick to my weekly minutes and work my way into October!

So here I go...Operation MOVE.
I'm ready to rock it with the other participants and I'm ready to be my happiest, healthiest self.
Thank You Kate, you are on your way to world domination, one confident, fit and happy soul at time.
x S.K.K x


Me said...

I'm with you on how amazing the online support it and how motivated they keep me. If you are interested we are doing a daily timed plank - i.e. time yourself doing one plank per day. I collate the times and send out a spreadshhet once a week.
Have the best week !

Kate said...

Awesome post Sarah, so glad you've joined us :)