Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Island 4WD

On Sunday I got to spend the ENTIRE day with my husband! That's right, from sun up to sun down he was all mine! This doesn't happen often as my husband is a workaholic is a very hard worker, so to have a full day with him is a very special treat!


We took full advantage of the day and decided to take a day trip to Bribie Island!
The day was extra special as my cousins and their kids joined us for their very first beach 4wd adventure! 

 This little guy greeted us at the beach entrance. This is literally how close I was! He was just amazing!

Our day consisted of driving, fishing, driving, getting bogged, driving and more driving. It was AWESOME! Seriously beach 4WDing is so much fun!


 There is nothing I love more than driving on the beach with him! He loves it so much and the excitement and joy on his face is just priceless! It is seriously one of FAVOURITE things to do together! Top of the list!
 You can kind of see the hint of his smile here! HUGE mackerel were jumping and he nearly wet himself! We didn't catch any...but "its the fishing not the catch that counts"....hey babe ;-)

 Miss A and Mr R LOVED fishing! Actually I'm pretty sure they loved the entire day!

What's a beach 4wd trip without the bogging! We stopped to help out a guy who was completely burried and we ended up getting bogged in the process! It was fun though as Dane got to rescue us all from the sand! His first snatch! He was excited!

 The kids...weren't so excited haha Just chilling on the side of the 'road' waiting for dad to rescue everyone!

Once we were out and STARVING we found a perfect little spot on the beach and settled in for an afternoon of BBQ's, fishing, playing, talking and relaxing!


 As we drove home we witnessed the most AMAZING sunset! The sun was fluro red! stunning!

It was such a beautiful Sunday! The beach, my husband and our best friends. Perfect! 
And the best thing is...there is many more days like this to come! Hello Spring and Summer!

 x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend just like mine! xo

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

What a gorgeous day.
And yes, I too have a workaholic {hard working} husband :)
These photos rock Sarah xx