Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back at the Gym

So I am back at the gym and I am LOVING IT! I had a big break when I quit my job as I only had 4 weeks to set up a home business. As I was working full time every other spare moment was spent at home working! It's done now and I finally have my life back! It feels so good to be back at the gym! The best part about my new work hours is that I can finally go to night time classes! Can I get a hell yes for that! I am LOVING the night time classes. I go to Fernwood gym and I am addicted to it's motivating, positive and supporting atmosphere.

Fernwood Fitness

 I've tried my hand at a few local gyms and none of them even come close to fernwood. I love going to a gym where I am recognised and remembered. The trainers and instructors remembered me, even after a few weeks, and it really makes you feel special. You are not just a number but an actual person who they care about. The ladies at fernwood are just amazing! I feel I could write a full post on them alone. I've only been at the gym since the beginning of the year but feel like I am part of something special. Everyone who is a member of this gym is there for the same reason. To make their life better. There is no competition, there are no comparisons, just wonderful support and endless encouragement!

My favourite favourite classes at the gym are body pump and body combat but last night I gave Zumba a go and omg I fell in love! It's basically just my favorite dance moves put into a sequence in a gym room! Hilarious! I could not stop laughing the entire time! Best work out ever - twisting your abs and laughing - 6 pack in no time! The room was dark, the 'disco lights' were on, the music was pumping and 1 of my favorite instructors was keeping us moving! As I wiggled my booty I looked around the room and just smiled! Here I was surrounded by women of all different ages and all different sizes having the time of their lives! These ladies were shaking their groove thing without a care in the world. I literally wanted to stand up the front and cheer them on! There is nothing more motivating than watching women change their lives by keeping active and the beautiful ladies at fernwood help us do this with a spring in our step and a smile on our face!

Tonight I was at it again. My favorite class with another one of my favourite instructors! I only pump a very small amount but I am hoping that as the weeks pass my strength will increase! I'm scared of pushing myself but I know that if I work slowly I will get stronger without injury or without pushing myself and giving up! I am so lucky to have my best friend as my gym buddy! We push each other and motivate each other to go! Tonight all I wanted to do was sit on my couch and watch tv but I knew she would kick my butt! That's what I love about having her beside me. We both love the gym and it's an awesome chance to spend some fun and active time together.

So thank you Cassi and my trainers Melissa, Krystal and all the ladies at Fernwood gym Loganholme
You all motivate me and inspire me to be my best self!

x S.K.K. x


Bella_K said...

I totally wish I lived closer to you, we could go together... You make it sound so fun! x

Melissa Lawrence said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious. I have heard many great things about Fernwood. It's great to find a club, no matter what your are there for, where everything just falls into place.

x S.K.K x said...

I wish you lived closer too!!! It would be so much fun!!!

x S.K.K x said...

Aw thank You! And yes you are totally right! It's so fantastic!

Me said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog !
I love how excited and motivated you sound - it is so good to read of people enjoying exercising.
I am slowly getting back to that place !
Have the best weekend ever !

x S.K.K x said...

It's an awesome place to get to!!! Are you doing operationMOVE ? I'm just starting and I'm a bit excited! The motivation is priceless!

Victoria said...

I need to join the gym, fernwood for me is just to far, so far I just workout at home.

x S.K.K x said...

V you have the best motivation I know! Who needs a gym when you can rock it out at home with the DVDs like you do!!!!! You are the inspiration girl!!!

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

I wish we had a Fernwood here.