Sunday, October 27, 2013

Your First Teddy Bear

Dear Baby K,

Today we started a very special tradition for our little family. For years I have been dreaming about all of the amazing things we will get to experience with you. All of the traditions we will start and all the memories we will create.  I dream of story times and bath times and Christmas' and birthdays and night time cuddles and prayers before bed. There is an amazing world out here and I cant wait to show you the beauty and magic that you will be lucky enough to live amongst.

There is a special tradition that I have been dreaming about since the minute you were prayed for. Your birthday. That special day every year that we thank the heavens above for you, our special gift from god. Every day we will celebrate you, but on your birthday, we will celebrate that extra bit harder because this will be the day we meet you, our beautiful angel. The day your daddy and I have been dreaming about for years. The moment you will be placed in our arms and our world will change forever. On your birthday we want to give you the world but also teach you to have a grateful heart and learn how to give. This is so important my darling. We want you to have a heart of gold. To appreciate all that you have and appreciate how lucky you are.

Every year on your birthday we will take you to a very special place. A magical place where the most beautiful teddy bears live. They wait there patiently for a special boy or girl to come and build them, dress them and promise to love them. We will bring you here on your 1st birthday. You will be able to choose your very own teddy bear. Your very own bear to build, create and love for the whole year that you are 1. This will become your special birthday tradition. Every year on your birthday your Daddy and I will bring you here and every year you can build your very own special bear. As you get older we will teach you the gift of giving. Each year before your birthday we will brush and clean your bear and tie it in a bow. We will thank the bear for all the special times we have had with them and give them some extra special cuddles and kisses. We will then show you how to give. Your special bear will find a new home. Someone who is having a difficult time and needs some extra special love. You will have given this love to your teddy and by passing it on to someone in need all of your love will be given to them and they will be happy. It is very important our darling child to make others happy. It will warm your heart and make you burst with happiness. The gift of giving will make you stronger, happier and very blessed. 

Today we started your special tradition for you and made you your very first Teddy Bear.

Today on the 27th of October 2013, which will be a very special date in your Mumma and Daddies heart, we went to this magical teddy bear place and built your first Teddy. We chose a rainbow teddy together and filled it with lots of love. Before we stitched your teddy up we gave you a special gift. You will never be able to see this gift but know that the love from this gift will be with you forever. This bear will be a symbol of our love for you. We want you to always know darling that you were created through love. The deepest, greatest, passionate love that we could ever imagine. So today we took our hearts and gave them to you. A heart from your Daddy and a heart from your Mumma. You will be an amazing creation from both of us and your special bear will be the symbol of our 2 hearts combined.

Along with our hearts we dressed your teddy bear to represent a little bit of Daddy and a little bit of Mumma. It turned out perfectly. Your Daddy chose the outfit to represent him and I chose your accessories to represent me.

 Your Daddy is a fisherman. A very dedicated fisherman. You will probably learn how to bait a hook and catch a fish before you can talk and that will be special. Your daddy found this fabulous fishing outfit complete with a fishing rod and 2 silver fish. I thought it was perfect. 

 I chose pink ballet slippers and a tiara. When you grow up darling you will learn that this is just your Mumma. It describes me, Sarah, perfectly and when you look at your teddy you will smile and know why. 

We registered your Teddy. Gave it a name and made a special birth certificate to give to you.

We will give you this Teddy bear on the day of your birth. Our special gift from us to you. Your very first Teddy Bear and present that your Daddy and I have brought together for you.

We are about to start a journey. A special ride that we will take to bring you into our world. This Teddy will bring us hope. This Teddy will bring us luck. When times get tough I know that I can just hold it tight and believe that you will be here soon.

This special teddy we will always keep. We will never get rid of it and will be kept for you to give to your own children one day. I hope that whenever you are sad or scared or alone you can hug your teddy and know that Mumma and Daddy are always with you. After all, this teddy does hold our hearts and can give you all the love you need in the world.
You are the sparkle in your Daddies eyes and the wish in your Mummas heart.
 We pray for you every day.

 Love Always,
Your Mumma x


Linny said...

That is the sweetest, it made me tear up!

Anne Downing said...

Very cute!