Friday, October 8, 2010


Well I am back! Finally! I have been M.I.A for the past 3 weeks. It has been school holiday time and school holidays mean Sarah doesn't have time to sneeze! It is Go Go Go with little 'me' time! I had a fantastic 2 weeks with the kids on their school holidays and even though it was busy, it was full of long days at the beach, laughter, beach footy, surfing, fish and chips, bubble blowing, swing rides, swimming lessons, shell collecting, kite flying, sleep overs, rock pool exploring, fishing, ice creams and happy faces. We spent a week up in Noosa and then a week at Palm Beach and the grey clouds did not stop us from having fun! We did have to go see two movies as the beach was no fun in the rain but even though it was cooler then previous years it was still extremely pleasant on the beach. We had a bundle of laughs, experienced a lot of new things and created special memories that will last a lifetime! 

It is now 1.20am and I was just about to go to bed 2 hours ago when its starting raining - there is nothing more beautiful than the smell of rain - so I hopped into bed and decided to read for a bit and enjoy the calming sound of the rain on our roof as I read my fav book snuggled in bed - it then started storming and I just couldn't resist it...we haven't had a storm in a while and I didn't want to miss it! Storms are so amazing. So I took my book and a cheeky midnight snack and went and sat on the 70cm x 1m concrete square that was protected by the rain and sat and watched the sky light up and listen to the thunder rumble. As I was staring out into the street and watched the raindrops fall in the street light I realised how much I missed my blogging and its moments like these that I love sharing with you all. How beautiful life is. Some people view storms and rain as bad and annoying but if you ever have a spare couple of minutes just stop and listen and watch. It's so magical how the lightening can light up the entire sky, it is so magical how loud the thunder can be rolling across the sky. Most things in our lives that we view as negative can 'most of the time' be something truly beautiful. Remember after the rain there is always a rainbow.

x S.K.K x

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