Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

Easter Sunday I woke up at 3.30 am! 3.30 AM! Am I 9? Was I trying to catch the Easter bunny? Who knows but I was wide awake and ready for the day! But getting up late meant I got to witness this pretty sunset!


Rob stirred at 6am and we decided to go for a nice morning walk before breakfast with my family.
 ...and yes we took the birds...

As we got closer to the 'red bridge' we heard a horse. Great we thought, the one time we take both the birds we have a horse encounter. Ruby was on her harness and we can handle Sabrina in 2 hands so we kept going! I'm glad we did! The horse was having a 'photo shoot' for a horse magazine. Beautiful photos of the horse on the bridge with the sun rising behind it...Dam I wish I had my camera! But as we walked past every one went crazy for our Ruby. They wanted photos and pats and the photographer asked if Ruby could be in the photo shoot hahah We have a little star! Of course we said yes and Ruby got her pose on with the horse! It was the funniest thing to be involved in. Of course we couldn't take any photos of the actual shoot because we were busy coordinating our little model ;-) It was such a fun morning and I was on an absolute high from the event.


After our morning walk/model shoot we quickly threw on some clothes and headed to mums for our annual breakfast! Each Christmas and Easter our whole entire family gets together at my mums place for breakfast. We have a ball! Mum and Dad cook up a massive hot breakfast for everyone and we eat, laugh and be merry.

 Happy Easter Everyone '2012'

After breakfast we did something a bit different. My sister and I went to see ANNIE! We had gotten the tickets for our birthdays last year and the date had accidentally fallen on Easter Sunday! This was ok though. Most of Robs family was away for Easter and we had seen his brother and family the night before so we had the afternoon free. So I went and saw a musical and Rob went fishing! A perfect day for us both!

Oh my goodness if you haven't seen Annie you must go see it NOW! It was truly amazing! I went and saw it last time it was here in Brisbane but this time around it blew me away! First of all the children. The girls (aged 8-12 years old) who played Annie and the orphan girls were just spectacular! Their talent, enthusiasm and stage presence was just brilliant and they absolutly 100% stole the show! The songs they sung were full of life, fun and energy! Now I see ALOT of musicals! But this was by far one of the best performances I have seen! Anthony Wallow was amazing as ever and Todd...well I didn't expect anything less of him. You can tell he is a stage performer! Every move, every word, was perfect! I was even impressed by Mr Alan Jones. I even said a few times "noooo that cant be him" he sure did put on a really good show! I wasn't overly impressed with the women performers. They weren't bad, but they were just positively outshone by the girls and then the men. I loved Annie so so much and I laughed, sung, danced and even shed a few tears. Now that's a show! A special thank you to my Mum and Dad and my Grandma and Grandpa for our tickets! We LOVED it! A a very special thank you to my sister for going with me. It was like the last few years have dropped away and we were US again. And boy did we have a good time on the way home...

We sure know how to have a good time :-) 

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter! I sure did! It was a perfect combination of Love and Laughter!

x S.K.K x

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Bella_K said...

What a wonderful Easter, up at 3am - CRAZY!! lol.