Friday, April 6, 2012

A Good Friday

It was Good Friday today! and let me tell you it was a GOOD Friday here in the K household. For the first time in years we had no plans to go away. No camps to set up, no traffic to fight, just me and him, at home, together. I had plans in the afternoon but they got changed to Monday. This worked out perfectly as I could spend the whole day with my man and then spend a beautiful morning on Monday with my favourite gal! Perfect! I had a late night last night so I slept in a little and I woke up to Rob building the girls a play gym!

We have been planning this stand for a while now and actually bought the black stand a few months back. It only had a single wooden perch and this, of course, would not do for our girls! We wanted to have something they could sit on but also play on! We also wanted to use natural timber. Ruby loves stripping the wood and making marks in the wood and I hate to think of what chemicals are in the wood they sell at the shops. So Rob got to work and designed and chopped and screwed and tied and created the most amazing bird play gym I could of ever imagined. It is huge and big enough for both the parrots to be on. I LOVE it so much!

TA-DA - The finished product!

Enjoying a chilli each while Dad gets more wood!
Sabrina smashing out some chin ups!


Rob couldn't and wouldn't stop there - he caught the bug and was go go go! Who am I to stop a man who wants to build things for our home! His next project was to build a fishing rod holder that would keep his rods off the floor, keep them straight and also display them. He got the idea from his boss and whipped up this little beauty in about 15 minutes. I think he achieved the look he was going for! 

 Next on the list was to create a space for the boards so they were off the ground, out of the weather and not taking up too much room. Rob once again designed, measured and created our vision! He started with a couple of meters of steel and turned them into brackets. He cut each piece and weld them together using my grandpas welder! Its still going strong after all these years! He lined them with rubber and screwed them onto the wall and....wallah! A perfect space to store all our boards! Looks fantastic!!!

....and me...

Well you know I just hung out! Helped out here and there! Played with all the animals! Took photos, got the cold beers from the fridge...I had a very big role ;-)

 But seriously I just enjoyed being with my husband! Watching him work his magic. I loved just sitting by and watching him work. Everything he does amazes me and every day I thank God for how lucky I am to have him by my side. He's truly talented and such a dam hard worker. I am so very proud of him! Tonight, as I look over all the work he did today, my heart warms with pride! I am the happiest, luckiest wife in the world! 

x S.K.K x

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Bella_K said...

Aw how sweet are you! :) And being a T.A is an important job, LOL.
The bird perch looks amazing! Good work Rob! :)