Friday, April 13, 2012

Garden love!

Our Easter weekend was a lot different this year. Usually we camp, or travel or visit. We are always on the go! Packing, unpacking setting up, traveling, beating traffic, getting stuck in traffic. You name it we were on it. I love this! I love the adventure and the excitement. This year was different. This year we slowed down. We made no plans and went for the ride. We decided to stay home...just us 2. We focused on us and our home and started to tick off a few little items on our 'to do list' Which let me tell you is VERY long. Good Friday was very productive and we smashed out a few jobs that needed to be done. And by we, I mean Rob, but I was an awesome cheerleader. Saturday we got stuck into the garden. I didn't mean to but as I was sitting in 'my space' I realised it was completely over grown. Those who know me know I love me some ginger! I love the ginger in our yard. It is so lush and full. I love it surrounding my patio as it gives us privacy and it makes me feel like I am constantly sitting in a rain forest. Its light and cool and comforting. But sometimes my favourite ginger gets completely out of hand and grows like crazy and before I know it...

 Patio...what Patio???

It's completely taking over. I started pruning while Rob was preoccupied and I didn't stop. I quickly asked Rob if I could keep going and I chopped the whole thing out. Rob helped with the finishing touches, with his electric trimmer, but I chopped it all by hand! Boy those weights at the gym finally came in handy. I didn't cut it all out. I still like the cover and comfort it gives on the inside of the patio but for this opening area its a whole new look. It's open, it's light and it's fresh! It also allows some sun in for the birds which is an added bonus. Every time I walk out there I get a shock as it has made such a difference. I love it so much!

I can now see our beautiful backyard when blogging, reading or eating in our patio! 
Once all the roots are cut out we will plant our orange plant there! 
This was our first tree we bought together and has always stayed in a pot, so this area is excellent for our little blood orange tree.
The sun sets just over the corner of our yard so I can now witness this perfectly!
All in all I am completely happy with this new transformation. 

x S.K.K x

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Me said...

Wow - what a difference that makes to your patio. We get the gardening ug every now and again - need to get in there again but I am not good doing it by myself and A works away a lot now so a bit difficult. Maybe when he gets home next time ?

Have a great weekend !