Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ruby Turns One

On this date 1 year ago it was Easter Sunday. Easter is a special time in which we associate with new life. It was on this special day that our gorgeous Ruby hatched from her egg. What a perfect day to be born!

We bought her home at 21 days old! We were instantly attached and we looked after this baby and hand reared her with all of the love, devotion, patience and sacrifice we had. We hand fed her every 3 hours. We kept her warm. We cuddled her. We bathed her. Most of all we loved her. We were there for every single step and it was so amazing watching this tiny animal grow into such an intelligent and beautiful bird. It is an experience that we are so extremely lucky to have shared together and although it was hard work and a LOT of commitment I am so grateful we got this special chance and I am so proud of us!

She is definitly 1 of a kind and she brings so much joy and love to our 'KP Baby Farm'

x S.K.K x

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Awww I love this!!