Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Help ? ? ?

Still new and a bit clueless in the design side of this blogging world!! 

How do I put all of my favourite blog "buttons" on the side of my blog??? 
I looked under 'gadgets' but couldn't see anywhere!

Also how do I put 'tabs' on the top of my page for example an 'about me' page and 'my family' and 'our wedding day' etc so when people click on the it takes them to a page with all of that specific information and photos??


Thank you x


Zoe said...

Adding tabs up the top is easy. They are called pages. You need to add the pages gadget an select where you want it on your page, then to create the pages that will be displayed in the tabs you go to the create new post page, and you'll see under the tabs on the right hand side it says 'edit pages' 'edit posts' etc . Click the edit pages one and 'create new page'. Then write what ever you want and turn off comments. Unless you want comments ofcourse. You can have upto 10 pages I think. (hope this isn't confusing- using my iPhone so I can't see exact buttons.

Zoe said...

As for blog buttons down the side, you just use the add photo gadget and you have the option to add URL to it so that when someone clicks the image it will take them to the selected URL :) simple