Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camera Advice!

I need all of your help!!! 
I am on the hunt for a new camera! 

A step up from my digital camera! Im thinking up to a digital SLR camera! But my head is spinning and my eyes are turning square and words are turning into black lines! I have no idea what all the camera lingo means! I don't know what codes and number are better! I dont know what to look for and which one is better! I don't need anything fancy or expensive, just something that can take beautiful clear shots! Something I can learn on and create beautiful pictures! I think I take pretty nice pictures on my digi cam but it can't capture the beautiful things I want to capture like rain drops on a leaf or rain in the sky or freckles on a face! You know what I mean? I need something that can capture the beauty that I see through my eyes!

What do you use?? Do you have any recommendations?
I need all the help I can get!!! 

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Hey Sarah! I got a new camera for my birthday last August :) I didn't ask for one....but Chris could see how addicted to photogrpahy I'd become & he could see my frustration in my standard digi cam not taking the kind of shots I wanted :) He {without me knowing} got me the Sony Nex 5: http://www.sony.com.au/product/nex-5k
It was just under $1000 but I absoutely LOVE it! It's not as bulky as most SLR cameras, and it has a help book/manual built into the screen, so you can learn tips on the go & every setting is explained clearly. It's described as the best camera for amateurs...which is me :) I'm really happy with the quality of shots I'm getting. It came with 2 lens & I haven't needed any others. I have been studying how to use it better {and more professionally} on Carly Webber's Mamma-razzi site: http://www.mamma-razzi.com/ I have learnt so much on how to use my camera better & have more control over my shots. She will know what camera you should get :))
Have fun!!!!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I was a photographer many, many years ago. Two good brands to get are Canon and Nikon. But now with digital photography, most brands are excellent and take fab photos. The best tip I can give you, is go to a big camera shop, and try them all out. Take your time. See which one/s feel good in your hand. There will be some that are too bulky, so stay clear of them. It needs to be comfortable to hold. Then when you choose one, read the manual, and again take your time.
When you are taking a photo, really look at your composition, concentrate. Is there a pole coming out of some ones head? If so, change position. I could go on for hours.....have fun learning!