Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oh Sunday you are so bitter sweet! Sad that a weekend is over once again but sweet as I reminisce on all of the wonderful adventures I had! Thank You to the beautiful Claire from Scissors Paper Rock for motivating us to take the time to sit down, document and be thankful for our special weekends! They will be a special memory that I will have forever!

Saturday was a big day for our family as after months and months of waiting we finally got to pick up Robs brand new work ute. He was very cool, calm and collected and was acting super cool as we picked up 'the beast' however I could see in his eyes that he was like a kid on Christmas morning. He was trying to keep a 'cool' face but I could see he was trying so hard not to smile! I caught him a few times though haha ;-)

After we picked her up we headed out for her maiden voyage! We took it for a drive up Mount Tambourine! We were meeting Robs brother up there and he tinted Robs windows for him! Beautiful drive!

No rest for the wicked and as soon as the car was tinted we were straight back on the road back down the mountain and were off to Robs best friends birthday! His girlfriend Sara prepared a gorgeous meal for us and it was so lovely just sitting back, relaxing and spending time with great friends. Sara had purchased a playstation game "Retro Sonic" so we took advantage of using the playstation while the boys were out the back and played! Well Sara played and we watched and it was just like being back in the 80's! Hilarious! None of this HD clear graphic nonsense :P the pixelated picture was perfect! hahaha

Sunday morning I was up bright and early and my cousin Cassi, her daughter Ava and myself headed back up the mountain to go to the markets! I had never been to the Tambourine Markets before even though Robs parents live up there!! Crazy I know! So we drove the beautiful drive again and arrived at the markets with the sun shining beautifully! We had a hot chocolate and coffee and some pancakes and headed off for our stroll! 5 stalls in it started to pour! Only for a few minutes then the sun shone again! This went on for the next few hours! Showers then sun, showers then sun. We braved it and stuck it out and picked up a few goodies along the way!

My market goodies that I picked up! Two wonderful books from their SUPER CHEAP book store! Old and new - they had books galore! Some knitted specials for a dear friend who is expecting their first baby! A super cool and fantastically useful baby sling for a new adventure I'm about to start (no not pregnancy :-P) 

I came home about lunch time and burned my gorgeous new "soy melt" I also bought from the markets. It was called 'relaxation' and smelt absolutely gorgeous! The aroma in our house was divine! I quickly did a load of washing and a quick wipe over the house before heading off for our next social engagement! ;-)

We spent the afternoon at our neighbours house catching up! They cooked us a yummy BBQ and we took advantage of the break in the rain and spent the afternoon in their yard! 

So here I am 8.30pm on a Sunday night and I feel like I have not stopped since 7.00 yesterday morning! It has been go go go but wouldn't have it any other way!

Cant wait to read all about your weekend adventures over at Scissors Paper Rock

x S.K.K x

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh how hilarious....that we were at the same markets at the same time!!! Very cool! The universe does some crazy cool things sometimes :) Can't believe I didn't see you....I guess I was too busy hiding from the rain & pigging out on fresh market treats LOL :)
The new ute is awesome!!!