Monday, August 30, 2010


Fun Fun Fun – This is the word that I think definitely describes my full on weekend!
I like to start my week-a-boo’s with Friday because Fridays are always such a fun and relaxed day at work. We play lots of games and activities and have plenty of outings. So to me it feels like my weekend has already started. Friday morning started off so perfectly – as I drove into the garage at work Mr 2 came running out and gave me the biggest cuddle and looked at me and said – I missed you ‘Sarwah’ - What a lovely way to start a morning with that gorgeous smiling face. Friday it was like he had grown up instantly into young boy…he’s not the little baby anymore! He has started talking in complete sentences now which sounds so funny and I love listening to all the stories he has to tell me! On our way to the shop he asked me where trees live…I replied saying that I didn’t know and asked him the same question back. He looked out the window for a while with his ‘thinking face’ on and then turned to me and said “the rainforest” which I thought was pretty clever for him. Thank you Dora and Diego! You are teaching him so many things!
On Friday I picked up the kids from school and for once we had a free afternoon…no ballet classes or footy training so we headed to Southbank for the afternoon. We all got a boost juice, mango magic is our favourite and we took a walk along the river. It was so beautiful and the weather was lovely. Not too hot and not too cold- just right – a gorgeous sign that spring is quickly approaching! We explored the rainforest there and went rock climbing along the rocks they have put along the water. (Manmade water hole not the river) I can’t wait until the warmer months arrive as they have really renovated this area and it looks like a fabulous place to have a swim and play under all the squirts and falls. 

Saturday we were invited to our dear friends’ daughters’ first birthday party. Rob was away at a buck’s weekend but came home especially to be there for Jazmin’s special day. Her party was at our local park and it was wonderful to spend such a gorgeous day out in the sun! (I wore shorts and I swear I was blinding everyone with the whiteness of my legs haha it’s been a while since they have seen the sun) After the mingling and cake cutting I went off with 2 little girls for a play. We were moonshine fairies and we were finding special treats for the animals to eat in the rainforest. Our tennis ball moonshine ball was magic and would make us invisible fairies and would help us fly through the sky! Our leaves magic fairy keys unlocked the special doors in the tress and allowed us to change from the human world into the fairy world. I love imaginative play!

Saturday night was a whole new experience for me! I went to my lovely friends hens night and oh my goodness they had a male stripper for her. My first stripper eeeek. No photos from this - sorry ladies. Indiana Jones will stay on the computer :P The hens party was fantastic however as it was a ‘frocks and cons’ party so we all had to wear our prettiest dresses and our converse shoes! What a gorgeous idea! Everyone looked fab! Here is a picture of the hens shoes! She decorated them herself! What a blast! 

On Sunday I went to the truly amazing fun filled production of mama mia! You can read about my amazing time here

A wonderful weekend for me – Want more – Head over to Claire at Scissors Paper Rock and read many more Week-a-Boo’s.
x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh your weekend really was jam-packed full of fun :) LOVE IT!
I'm heading to Mamma Mia on Friday...yay...i can't wait!!!
Thanks for joining in Sarah!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I love her connies!!! I want pink ones now :)

x S.K.K x said...

Oh Claire you are going to love it! Make sure you get up at the end and dance! Enjoy the magic!

Oh thanks Cat! They were fab! they were covered in glitter along the sides with a big 'B' for Bride on the side :) wonderful keepsake I think!