Monday, August 9, 2010

It has been a very busy and full on weekend but thoroughly enjoyable...

On Friday night my husband met me after work for a quick bite to eat before we went and visited our wonderful friends who just got engaged! A simple meal of subway at the Kangaroo Point cliffs allowed us to witness this gorgeous sunset! I tried to capture it on my phone to show you all...

It's the simple things in life that are so beautiful!

On Saturday morning I packed my little over night bag and drove, with my dad, the 2 and a half hours to the lovely town of Lismore. Its was my grandma's 81st birthday on Sunday and it has been 1 year since my grandpa passed away, so even though I was fighting off a cold and had a lot to do at home I felt I needed to be there this weekend to be with my family. We spent a lovely day on Saturday with a pub lunch at 'Tommys' with my grandma and Aunty and Cousins and then enjoyed a cup of coffee and hot chocolate at a little cafe down the road. This cafe was very special as this was out the front...

Each brick had been engraved with special messages from "1982" by the people who had 'bought a brick' to help lay the path! Although 1982 isn't that long ago for us but imagine how special this path will be in 100s of years to come! They definitely put a new meaning to 'leaving their mark on the world' Many bricks had names, pictures, hang 10 symbols (must of been the 'in' thing back then) and a lot of "jesus loves you" but one brick really stood out to me! There was a dad, mum and girls name with the year 1982 written on it. It really really intrigued me and got me thinking about where that little family is today! Was she their only child? Did they have any more? How old is the girl today? Is she married yet? Does she have kids of her own? Are the parents still alive? ~ It's funny how one little brick can trigger a train of thoughts and imagination.


Sunday morning we were up early for a Hungry Jacks birthday breakfast treat for my grandma! Her choice! We then headed off to the Channon markets! These markets were incredible - alternate - but incredible. And the food there - oh my gosh - divine! Everything there was organic - hand made - or one of a kind. My cousin had her first store there as she makes and sells tie dye baby clothes (stay tuned for pictures in the next couple of days!) If anyone is looking for a lovely day out I hihgly recommend driving through the gorgeous countryside to the Channon markets and then taking a detour via Byron Bay on your way home! Gorgeous day out!

~ I hope you all enjoyed your weekend ~

x S.K.K x

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