Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Handmade Naturals

I remember the first time I learned how to "cleanse, tone and moisturise" I was a young teenager and my mum booked me into a beauty and deportment class in the city. These classes taught young girls how to develop a daily skincare routine, apply basic make up, how to carry ourselves in public, how to speak one on one and to a group and how to have self confidence through those "difficult teenage years". I was so proud and excited when mum picked me up from graduating with a small little present. My very own cleanser, toner and moisturiser! I was over the moon and was eager to get home and try my brand new products! Over the past decade I have used hundreds upon hundreds of products and have never found one I truly love. The past few years I have been a fond user of body shop products as I liked their background and beliefs as well as their products. This was until I got my hot little hands on these gorgeous products...

Handmade Naturals by Corrine 

Her Mission: To make a completely natural skin
and body care range at a very affordable price
without sacrificing quality.

My first product I received from Homemade Naturals was the Jojoba oil. I was working with a lady and I was telling her about my concerns for the rash on the 2 year olds arm (that I nanny for). She said to put this on each day and it will clear away...and it actually did...I had tried everything from vitamin E cream to paw paw cream to even sudocrem but nothing took the rash away except for this oil! I was blown away by the results and was touched when the next day the lady bought me a bottle. She said to take it home and put it all over my body and even in my hair! Never one to hold back on trying something different I went home and did just that! I was skeptical though and thought that being an oil it would be extremely greasy and would get all over my pj's and bed sheets. So I put on old flanneys and put a towel down on my pillow and bed but the minute I put the oil on my skin it literally sucked it up! It was like my skin was craving its nutrients and it left my skin feeling so soft! I have been a convert ever since!

The following Friday after baby gymnastics with the 2 year old I took a quick detour before home and headed straight to this shop. I could have spent hours in there! It was so gorgeous and amazing and every product I read just had the most divine ingredients...Jojoba oil being very prominent in most of the products. And best part was that every product was so incredibly affordable and definitely cheaper than most products in the supermarket. I chose carefully and decided to buy a face exfoliant and a face cream. The face cream I chose was "Rosehip and Jojoba Face Cream" as I knew i already loved the Jojoba oil so I stuck with what I knew! This cream is made up from jojoba, apricot kernel, macadamia nut and sunflower plus pure essential oils of french lavender, geranium and rosewood, rosehip and evening primrose. It is to die for and just melts to your face and has a fresh and calming smell which isn't very over powering.  

These products are just so beautiful!  

What is your favourite Beauty Product? 

x S.K.K x

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