Monday, August 23, 2010

Body Balance

I have not had a decent night sleeps in 2 years. I am surviving on 3-4 hours maximum of sleep a night and I unfortunately can not say that this is because of a lovely child. I work 50 hours a week looking after 3 kids aged 2, 5 and 7 and my job involves school runs, play dates, dinner prep, school lunch making, homework, swimming lessons, footy training, bed making, toy room cleaning, ballet lessons....sounding familiar mums...then I have to go home each night and run my own household! I love my job but it definitely keeps me on my toes. I see it as intense training for when I become a mum to my own child. I went to the doctors to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with me and surprise surprise...all perfect...dam i mean great! but that means the no sleep and headaches and back aches are all due to....drumroll please....stress! DUH! Show me someone out there that isn't stressed! I went to my chiropractor and they said the same thing...stress...she wouldn't work on me until I had a massage cause I was so tense she couldn't adjust properly!

SO both the doctor and my chiro have told me to take hot baths at least 3 times a week and take up Yoga! This will clear my mind and stretch out my body! I must admit this does make perfect sense as when I'm lying there in bed at 2 in the morning staring at the ceiling I do have a strange urge to start stretching out my legs and back to calm my body down! So a few weeks ago I made the change and signed up to my local gym and decided to start body balance! Which is a mix of Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilaties.

Today was my first session and boy I am scared to wake up in the morning! I feel I am going to be in so much pain! hahah but with the pain aside I did have a wonderful time and really felt it did wonders for my body! Its amazing how stretching out your body can make you feel so calm. I must admit the old ballet hands made there way in there a few times and the need to push myself to my limits may not have been the best idea for my first time but I just loved it and wanted to join in 100%. We went through the stages and I did pretty well with all of the moves however when the 'core strength' section came I really had to pull myself up and remind myself not to push too hard if I wanted to walk tomorrow. So hopefully in a few weeks I will be up with the rest of them! At the end of the session they turn the music on and dim the lights and you have meditation time for 5 minutes. Mind you the minute I laid down and stopped my mind and head blew up and was so heavy and throbbing from all the hard work my body had just done, It was such a weird feeling I really needed that 5 minutes to take control back over my body so I could walk out of that room safely! My legs have been jelly all night but all these feelings my body is going through have been so wonderful and I know are signs that finally my body is being active! Lets hope I get through the night and I am not too sore tomorrow!

x S.K.K x


Nattie said...

awww... good luck! i was having the some problem couple weeks ago too, having problems sleeping and if I do sleep I always wake up every couple hours. in my case, it was ' too much in my mind' i just need to train my brain to stop thinking, stop stressing and just relax everytime before i go to sleep. :) hope that helps but Yoga and pilates helps too :)

x S.K.K x said...

yes I am having the same trouble with 'shutting off' my mind. Hopefully I find some peace soon!

Hayley said...

What a busy girl you are! Hope the body balance does wonders for your health and SLEEP :)

Anonymous said...

Body Balance is fabulous!! hope you are sleeping better 2 years after that blog post?! Full on being a nanny i think!! More full on than having your own kids I would guess?!!! :)