Sunday, August 22, 2010

Election '10

Well its over…finally…after countless tv adds and contorversial radio campaigns  it was time to vote and choose which party will run our country for the next three years. I am unsure whether I agree to the compulsary voting or not. It is wonderful that we live in a free country where we have the right and a say in how our country is run but unfortunatly these days I feel our generation is simply not educated enough to be voting and making such a crucial decision for our country. A lot of people these days do not take an intrest in politics and I think the biggest reason for this is because we ae simply not educated. I say 'we' because I am definatly one of these people. Yes we studied the basics of government in grade 7 whch was topped off by a trip to sydney and canberra which included a trip to parliament house. But that was just learning the running of the governments and the house and not actually about the parties themselves and what they stand for. I feel the ads and ‘discussions’ on tv end up becoming so childish, pety and controversial that I ended up giving up on listening as they were more intersted in shutting down each other than really showing and teaching us what they are about. 

I wouldn’t have a clue about Labour and Libral and who is what and what they stand for. I feel because Julia Gillard has been appointed prime minister there will be a majority of our peple voting for her simply because she is a female and not because she has our countries best interest at heart and in reverse Im sure there are a lot of people that didn't vote for her because she is a ‘ranga’. I think that because it is compulsary that we vote a lot of people will be making an uneducated decision and will be voting for the wrong reasons which will therefore potentially place a party in control that is not best suited for our country.I am sure there is an extremely large group out there that voted for the 'sex party' just because it was funny. What does this party even stand for...besides the obvious...and how will it help our country. 

I have absolutly NO IDEA about politics and unfortunatly I dont think a lot of people do, which scares me that the wrong party will get voted in by people 'guessing'. Lets hope we get it right.

x S.K.K x

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