Sunday, January 22, 2012

GHP Week 3

My 3rd week of "Special Moments" that I am grateful for and that make me happy.

 Day 16 - Happiness is special words that inspire me every day! I am so grateful for a special lady named Claire!

 Day 17 - Happiness is finding a nice chocolate to cure the cravings! It's hard getting through this first stage but I am grateful there are so many alternate products out there!
 Day 18 - Happiness is ME time! Grateful for the time to relax!

 Day 19 - Happiness is conquering a fear! I am grateful for the 2 little cherubs I look after every day who pushed me to take on this slide with them! I almost backed out but they begged and begged! I DID IT!! I'm so glad I did!!!

 Day 20 - Happiness is a visit to the Crystal Castle! I am grateful for the power of crystals and the happiness and power they will bring to my life!

 Day 21 - Happiness is spending the morning with my daddy for his birthday! I may not get to see him as much as I like but I am grateful for those special times!

Day 22 - Happiness is swimming with my babes! Grateful for our amazing house and pool!


Head over to the beautiful Maxabella Loves and share with everyone what you are grateful for!

I promise you - DO this every day and you will feel amazing! 

x S.K.K x

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Maxabella said...

That bath looks soooo relaxing, SKK. I haven't had a bath in so long but you've reminded how nice they are!

Happiness is seeing one of the 'old' Grateful regulars back in full swing. It's just so lovely to see you again this week. x