Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Rain

Rain rain go away, come again another day! 

It has been non stop rain for almost 2 weeks now! How are you all dealing with this rain my local readers? Thankfully it has not been very cold but the humidity has been off the charts! Every thing feels damp around our house! The floors feel damp, the couches feel damp! Its an ikky feeling! Last year when we had this weather mould started to show its disgusting, unhealthy face around our home and eucalyptus oil became my best friend. I'm not looking forward to that stage! For now I'm going to enjoy the rain as it peacefully sweeps through the trees at night. I'm going to enjoy the cool breeze the rain creates when the humidity just gets a little to much to handle. I'm going to enjoy the beautiful singing of my gorgeous Ruby, as the raindrops falling on the tin roof create a song for her to sing to. I'm going to enjoy watching Bindi as she runs around the backyard jumping and catching the raindrops like they are dog treats falling from the sky. I am goign to enjoy cuddling with my husband on the couch on the weekends because it is too wet for him to go outside and work. I am and I mean I AM going to enjoy running in the rain. A little (or a lot) of rain isn't going to stop me!

The shoes...

I realised this week that my jelly shoes were the best investment EVER! They are gorgeous and casual and are perfect for stomping through the puddles and rain at work! No matter how wet or muddy they get a quick wash and towel dry and they are as good as new! I HIGHLY recommend them! I have 3 pairs and wear them every day. Rain or sunshine! The clear jellies on the left are Holster and the red are Country Road

This week I also braved the rain and RAN. Well well well wasn't that a hilarious experience. Fun, hard but hilarious. It was just sprinkling so I thought yes here is my chance. I put on my rain jacket (just in case) and went for it. Well as I got further and further the rain got harder and harder. Mid run it was absolutely pouring and FYI my jacket was NOT water proof but water "resistant". I should of warn none! There wasn't any point in stopping as I was wet anyway so I completed my run! 30 minutes and I was soaked head to toe. It was hilarious. Its a funny experience being hot and sweaty from running yet having the cold rain pelting down on your face. My bad if I get sick this week! Come on immune system! I had fun and I completed the run so now I know there are definitely NO excuses! The rain can not stop me! It felt good and exhilarating and motivated me even more to keep it up! 

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Loving your writing at the moment Sarah! And loving your shoes! And loving that you're running've inspired me to as well. Hell....I'm just LOVING at the moment :) xx

Anonymous said...

Such a fan of Holster! Super comfy, look good and can handle the rain!

x S.K.K x said...

heheh thanks so much Claire! Its been a good month ;-) Loving all the love :-) Aren't they ever Angela :-) I wear them every day!