Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hot Tips for Running!

Im dying to be a runner! Something about it! I cant put my finger on it! I just want to run! I always loved running growing up and was good at it and now the fire has been lit inside again. However I also love me a good couch and tv session and when I come home from work the last thing I feel like doing is putting on my shoes and going for a run. Even though its all I think about ALL day. I get so excited about it! I get pumped. Then I get home and my chocolate brown couch and the Kardashians or other reality tv show win me over every time. I know there are a lot of you out there that are the same! You want to do it! You know you can do it! You just need to do it! Well tonight I did it! I got home (with a little bit of an early mark) and the sun was just setting! The sky was so pretty with the sun colouring my view with pretty greys, light yellows and stunning peaches all melting together to create a huge canvas that said RUN SARAH! After 3 days straight of rain I knew this was my sign to start! There were no excuses! I had none! I just went! With a little bit of motivation by a blogging, instagram and twitter friend named Jody I put on my running shoes, hooked up my ipod and started my app! I am doing the couch to 5K which I started last year. I got to the 4th week and stopped. Christmas holidays came and so did the excuses! I was keeping it serious and pretending I was a serious runner. Who  am I kidding. Im not a serious runner. Im not a serious person so how can I be a serious runner? Im not going to be one with the pavement. Im not going to listen to every breath and feel every step. Its just not me!

So here is my honest and true guide to running! The Sarah Way! 

Get yourself an awesome playlist!
Never run without an ipod! Use those beats to push you along! Turn around (54321) by Flo Rida is the best song to start with! Awesome beats! Theres something about it that pumped me up and put a smile on my face! Never hesitate to bounce along in your warm up walk! And by bounce I mean dance! I was dancing my way down those streets like I owned them! Why walk when you can dance. My songs I listened to tonight that I loved were…'Sexy and I know it' by LMFAO – when you are running and you can feel all those little fat spots jiggling it's always fun to keep telling yourself that you’re sexy! 'We are who we are' by Ke$ha. Awesome beat you can walk and dance to. 'Higher than Hope' by Daryl Braithwaite. Awesome power ballad that came on ¾ of the way through my time and it was awesome! Sing it out loud, clap your hands and before you know it that man on your ipod will be telling you “start running” 'I'm still hot' by Luciana. Again, it's awesome when someone is reminding you that you are hot while you are sweating panting and running. And finally 'Yeah 3x' by Chris brown! Awesome pace to run to! Not too slow and not too fast! Its all about the music! It keeps me going.

Wear a funky outfit.
Who wants to run in your dags. When I run I want to feel good about myself. I bought a couple of bright Lorna Jane motivation tees that I love to wear. I put my hair in a pony tail with a ribbon! For some reason I like the feeling of my pony tail bounciung around when I run! Reminds me I'm actually moving! Yes my body can become numb when running! I like to feel good when I run and if in my head I look like the girls in the Lorna Jane adds then GO ME!

Put your ipod/iphone in a plastic sandwich case.
You are going to sweat…a lot! This will protect your phone from the moisture. Or in my case when it pours when you are in the middle of your run. It protects it from the torrential rain and the torrential sweat! No one likes a wet Iphone!

Pretend you are in a film clip.
When I am waking and my music is blasting through my ears and im tired and my ankle is sore and my calfs are burning and I want to stop I forget it all and pretend im in a film clip. That’s right! Shake that booty! I strut down those streets like nobodies business. I sing and strut like there is a camera crew in front of me and I am the star! Oh to be a fly on the…in the sky…watching! Hilarious! Good enteretainment for my local residents! But that’s the fun of it! It gets me through!

Don’t stop!
Keep the momentum going! Don’t stop! Never stop! Don’t stop during your walk/run and don’t stop your weekly excercises. I was going really well. I got up to week 4 in my c25k and then stopped for 6 weeks! I now have to start over again! I only went back to week 2 but still it was hard and I lost all the good work I put in! Once you start keep going! During your exercise run/walk to every beat of the music. Don’t miss a step! Try not to slow down! You will feel so much better and prouder when you finish! Its worth it! 

It's ok to fist pump!
Its ok to cheer yourself on! If you don’t cheer for yourself who will! On your final walk down your street to your house put on Chris Browns Yeah 3x (or your favourite song) and fist pump it all the way home! You did it! Be proud! Everyone else is sitting on the couch and you just ran/walked! That’s awesome! It should be celebrated! The happiness will motivate you! Message a friend! Announce it on facebook or twitter! Be Proud!

There’s no reason why running or excersise has to be serious and hard! This is my way I get through it! It makes it fun and it makes it exciting and it makes me love running! One of my goals for this year is to run 5 kilometers! These are my 6 hot tips that will get me through! Why don’t you join me!!! Download the couch to 5k app on your phone and get running. Get dressed in your sexy outfit, put your ipod on, and walk, run or even dance to 5K! You will be so glad you did!

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Sarah! I needed to read this :) I've had a burning desire top start running again for months. At first I decided to not to {because I was so heavily pregnant} and since Ryder was born I have made up a million excuses why I can't go out for a run. But you've inspired me to move my butt :) x

x S.K.K x said...

Yay Claire that's awesome! I tried to mentally prepare myself for running like the girls off the nike adds and people in movies but its just not me! Im not or am I ever going to be serious like that. Just gotta be us and do it :-) Good LUCK! Let me know how you go!!!