Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grateful and Happiness Project

I am so lucky! My life is rich with beauty, magic, love and happiness. In the last 2 years I have found a new 'hobby' 'passion' in my life that makes me unbelievably happy. And that my friends is "Social Media". Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Instagram...I love it all. I have met some unbelievably amazing people through the connections of social media and I love seeing and sharing everyone's journey. One thing that I love about all my "online" friends is that we all share one common component that brings us together. We all like different things and live different lives, we have children or pets and are married or divorced or engaged or single, yet we all share and support together. I love meeting all the fantastic new people here in the online world and I thank you for sharing my journey.

One main aspect I love about social media is that it allows me to share and introduce you to a side of me that I don't normally share with everyone I know! I am learning to love myself and really open up to the person inside and allow myself to not worry about what people think. I am me and I am so proud! Social media and the gorgeous people I have met have opened my eyes to the real world and have shown me that its ok to be me! I love the fact that I can status update, tweet and post photos about the joys in my life. The things that make me happy. Those moments that I want to shout from the top of a mountain!

A challenge that I have set myself this year is the "Grateful and Happiness Challenge" A photo a day of something that makes me happy, makes me smile or something I am extremely grateful for. I think this will really push me to really open up my eyes and search deep within myself and my life. We are so lucky. We are blessed with so much that I think a lot of us take advantage of. Yes we see our luck in the big things and the expensive materials things, but I love the idea of looking beyond that and finding the good in every day. Life is tough, Im not going to deny that. I also have a very big and challenging year a head of me so I think by finding the happiness and joy in the little things will drive me to look beyond the tough hurdles and see the good. This has been my philosophy of my 'new life' and this blog. "Life is busy - so stop and appreciate those special moments - they will be the memories that last forever" and that's what this challenge will do for me every day of this year. I will be able to document every day and record those special moments or people that make me happy and that I am grateful for.

Here are my first 2 weeks - My first 15 "Special Moments" that I am grateful for and that makes me happy. 

 Day 1 - Happiness is the first sunset of the year! We had an amazing day today! 4wding. Fishing and catching a brim and a shark. Witnessing the most amazing sunset. Watching a large turtle make its way from beach to sea! I am so grateful to be exploring this beautiful island!
 Day 2 - Happiness is watching him fish! He loves it and it makes him happy! This makes me smile!
 Day 3 - Happiness is the beach at sunset! I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place!
 Day 4 - I am so grateful to be able to inspire! I am so happy to share this year and gratitude journey with you all.

Day 5 - I am grateful for my camera! It is capturing all of our special moments that I want to remember forever
Day 6 - Happiness is our first full frangipani bloom! I'm so grateful for my husbands green thumb!
 Day 7 - I am grateful for my family. They are my heart and soul. Today I was happy! I was at peace! I was surrounded by everyone I love!
 Day 8 - Happiness is a 4 hour drive with my family! Grateful for the amazing weekend we got to spend together!
 Day 9 - Happiness is a wind chime made by my grandpa and mum which is now hanging on my grandmas favourite tree! Grateful for their love!
 Day 10 - Happiness is PERFECT chocolate brownies baked for visits. I am so grateful to have 2 beautiful friends in my life that love and support me!
 Day 11 - Happiness is Ruby singing on my shoulder in the car!
 Day 12 - Happiness is pink skies at work! Grateful for the special places I get to experience with my job
 Day 13 - Happiness is morning tea by the rock pools. How could you not be grateful for beautiful fresh food and stunning scenery! Not a lot of people get to experience this! A simple thing we take for granted every day!
 Day 14 - Happiness is SKINNYGIRL! I love Bethanny and was so excited when I found her product here! Grateful for wonderful nights with wonderful family who we call friends!
Day 15 - Happiness is sleeping in and having a big cook up with my husband! Grateful for the couple of hours I got to spend with him this morning as I haven't seen him all week! :-(

I am recording all of my photos in an album on Facebook! I have a 366 days of Gratitude and Happiness album on my Special Moments page. Head on over and like it and share my year! I will also do a weekly grateful blog post each Sunday.

I can not wait to find the good in every day!
Why don't you join me! 

x S.K.K x


Ames said...

Wow! Where do you live and work?! That's amazing and I'm highly jealous :)

x S.K.K x said...

Hi Ames! I just wrote to you on your facebook page but Ill reply here as well :-) I work in Brisbane City and live just outside Bris :-)

MultipleMum said...

Such a gorgeous post. Full of love, happiness and gratitude. You will have to join Maxabella loves's Grateful link up! Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x

x S.K.K x said...

Thank You "MultipleMum" I will definitely join with maxabella! Thanks for stopping by!