Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If you had 5 minutes...

Tonight my husband came home from cricket and asked me to do him a big favour over the next few days. Great I thought - feed the chickens, feed the snake, clean his smelly shoes, the endless 'yukky' jobs that he normally takes care of ran through my mind. But nope, not this time. He wants me to pack up a few small boxes of irreplaceable and special items of ours that can be picked up and thrown into the car in a single minute. Bless his heart he is so thoughtful and serious about our life together and knows me all too well. As he grew up in the scouts he is very world smart and is the man of the land. He has the biggest green thumb I have ever seen! With all this rain we are having and the threatening floods that have been surrounding and happening around us he feels we should be prepared,,,just in case. He told me that it wasn't too serious and he didn't want me to get too out of control but you never know what is around the corner and because of the weather and the location our house is in he doesn't want to take the chance.

Well well well...have you ever been in this situation. Have you ever had to sit back, look around your home and think what on earth can I select that can fit into a FEW small boxes. I am such a hoarder sentimental kind of girl and the thought of having to choose my most special possessions really stresses me out. The chances of our house flooding is probably 4:10 but just in case that 4 happens I guess I am very thankful for my husband for thinking of me and preparing us. He knows I am a keeper and if any of our stuff gets ruined he knows that I would be absolutely devastated. So tonight we sat down and made a "just in case our house gets flooded what will we do and what will we take" plan. Even though we were laughing the whole time thinking how ridiculous it all sounded it was good to sit down and work as a team and make a plan. Of course the first things we would get together and take are our SIXTEEN pets. OMG robs car will be packed with the animals - the chickens the dogs and the cat better learn to get along and fast hahaha. Robs main concern was his fish haha im sure the bucket will do! Our next task is taking pictures of all of our belongings and furniture etc for insurance purposes...yes when we do a task we do it well haha nothing will be left unturned. Although when writing this I am actually feeling a little silly but then I think back to the news reports of people up north with their houses flooded and their homes and possessions destroyed by the water. I guess you can't control mother nature but we will try and be prepared for the worst.  My next task over the next few days is gathering our VERY SPECIAL items that can not be replaced. Photo Albums, birth certificates, wedding certificates, passports, diaries, journals, drawings - oh my gosh my list goes on. Rob and I have different views on whats important and replaceable. Rob said our encyclopedias can be replaced but they are my grandmas and she gave them to me out of 20 grandchildren because she knows they are special to me...how can I leave them behind in a flood.

I guess I really have to be serious and have to think if I had 5 minutes to grab all I can...what would I take. everything in our home is special to me. Everything has a place in my heart. Everything has a memory. Ill see how I go! But I know this job is going to be very very hard. WISH ME LUCK!!!

Have you got an emergency plan? or are we the only crazies!!!

x S.K.K x

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