Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Wildlife Hero

Well Well Well where do I start...What a gorgeous day I have had today. A group of us were suppose to be camping at Somerset Dam this weekend but because of the rain and the flooding and the dam release the park was shut down and we decided to take a rain check on the camping - pardon the pun. And thank goodness for that because we are having CRAZY winds here at the moment so I'm not too sure how good our tent would have held up against the cyclonic winds! We decided to still go for a drive out that way today though and have a picnic lunch near the dam. My Oh My I didn't realise that half of Brisbane also had the same idea. I knew they were releasing the dam into the river last week but it didn't quite sink in that this was a very rare occurrence so people from near and far traveled to see the view! And what a view! The amount of water gushing over the dam wall was truly amazing and photos from my little digi cam - which normally takes decent photos for a $100 camera - just could not capture the beauty and brilliance of the sight. It was a gorgeous experience and I am glad we actually took the time to stop and wait in line - yes we had to wait in line for 15 minutes just to get out onto the lookout to see the view - but it was totally worth it! If you are a Brisvegas blogger you must go check it out!!!

Somewhere between Wivenhoe dam and Somerset dam we came across a little scene happening on the road. There were a few cars here and there and we thought there may have been a small accident but driving past sticky beaking slowly for safety, we realised that there was a large snake on the road. My country boy/bush man/wildlife lover could not just drive by he had to help. So a passing comment of "I should help that poor snake" turned into a quick u-turn - the road was blocked off by our car and the hazards  were turned on and out he jumped.

There in the middle of the road was a very angry very scared 1m + python that my husband was desperate to save. I knew I couldn't stop him - it's who he is - it's what he lives for - adventure and wildlife so the best I could do was plead for him to at least have a stick in his hand "just in case". A quick assessment and then with no hesitation he put the stick on the snakes neck and picked him up - nice and safely with no one getting hurt - YET...

My darling wildlife boy couldnt possibly just put the snake into the bush beside the road we had to drive yes DRIVE with the 1 METRE PYTHON to a far away road where he would be out of danger and not be near the busy main road where he could risk getting run over again. I am very supportive of Robs love of wildlife and I love that he cares so much about the animals and doesn't want them to be hurt - BUT THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS GETTING IN THAT DAM CAR WITH THAT SNAKE AROUND HIS ARM!!!!

Ok so I sucked it up and got in the car - what else was I going to do - I just kept telling myself it was worth it for the pictures haha - We drove a few k's and turned down a few roads until Rob was satisfied that it was further enough away from the main road that the snake couldn't get into anymore the snake was starting to cut the circulation off in his arm so he knew he couldn't go much further without getting into trouble himself.

By the time we got out and took a few photos Robs hand was turning blue so he walked off road a bit and released him back into the safe arms of the bush. 

I love my husband. He sees the beauty in everything and truly believes that every person and animal is special and has a place in this world - even huge scary snakes. The majority of people today would have driven past the angry snake in the middle of the road or even worse - ran over it - but not my Rob. He takes the risk and the chance to help an innocent creature and does everything in his power to ensure it is safe and out of harms way. He is pretty special - My Wildlife Hero x

x S.K.K x

p.s This was my 50th post - what a special moment to blog about!