Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well haven't we been blessed with beautiful weather for this weekend! The sun was shinning, there was that freshness in the air, the sounds of mowers mowing and birds chirping replaced the raindrops and silence that has been around for a few weeks! We definitely took advantage of Spring finally showing her pretty little face!

Friday night I had to work but we went to Miss 8's art show at her school! WOW! The art work by the students just blew me away! The gorgeous paintings by the preppies all the way through to the in depth drawings and the stunning sculptures by the year 12's were just divine and the talent that was showcased that night was just phenomenal.

Saturday the 23rd of October 2010 was my gorgeous sisters 23rd Birthday!
Saturday morning we went to our local plant nursery and had breakfast with our family. It was lovely to sit and share a beautiful breakfast with my family. Something different but we still shared many laughs and stories! My sister went on to spend the day with her friends but I was glad to get to spend the morning with her.
~ Sisterly Love ~

Our birthday breakfast celebration was followed by 2 BBQ's - told you we really took advantage of the nice weather haha - We celebrated with family and friends for birthday's and farewells and our Saturday was finished off with Rob hitting the sack and me hooking up with my cousins again for round 2 of 'Singstar' - we are a little bit obsessed with this game at the moment and I feel so so sorry for our neighbours during this phase! But once again I had an amazing night with plenty and plenty of laughs and...
A proud moment hahahahaha ;-)

Today I spent the morning cleaning, cleaning, cleaning while Rob serviced his fishing rods - don't ask hahah - which was a 3 hour job haha But then the afternoon was spent in our pool and spending time with our puppies. While outside I was shocked to notice our garden had just bloomed from all of the rain. Our plants were just so beautiful! 

Spending time in our garden is just so more enjoyable being surrounded by these gorgeous plants with their lush green foliage and vibrant colours. I was so inspired I took my laptop out into our patio area and spent the last hour of sunlight catching up on my favourite blogs and enjoying the views! 

~ What a way to end a beautiful weekend ~

How was your weekend? - Did you lap up the gorgeous sunshine?
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x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

LOVELY weekend Sarah!
Love the photo of your sis & you in fisty!
And....servicing fishing rods? OMG...boys & their toys!!! Chris isn't a fisherman...but spends many an hour working on his cars!!
Have a lovely week :)

Hayley said...

Haha love the sister love going on in the photo! I am a little addicted to singstar though I am terrible at it! I also feel sorry for our neighbours lol. If I had a backyard like that I would be spending all my time out there xx