Wednesday, October 27, 2010


~ I have so many dreams that I hold deep inside my heart ~

~ I have so many goals I want to achieve ~

~ I have so many plans for myself and my family and our home ~

The hardest part is choosing what to do first and when to do it.

My biggest and most important dream ~ goal ~ plan is to become a mummy and start a beautiful family of our own with my Rob.
Before this though I want to see, learn, experience, taste, feel and explore everything I can!

"The most important part of parenting are the decisions you make before you are pregnant"

My favourite quote - and one that I live by. I feel that before I become a mummy I need to be the best 'Sarah' I can be. I know that once we start a family my whole life will revolve around them and they will always come first - that's just the sort of person I am - which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I want to see everything I can and experience everything I can and learn everything I can so that I can pass on this knowledge and wisdom to my children. I always always wanted to have children at a young age but now as I am at that age my views have changed and I want more for myself which in turn will be more for my children! Don't get me wrong I would love to have a baby now. All of my friends and family are having babies and I definitely get that jealous and anxious feeling inside - my 'inner mother' desperately wanting a baby - I believe it's called cluckiness actually - but I think back to my quote and know that its important for me to be me for a while and enjoy being young and enjoy my marriage with just us and experience life as just us before we become a 3.

Here are a few of my dreams ~ goals ~ plans! Big and Small - they all hold a special place in my heart!

~  Write a blog in a cofee shop in New York.
~  Swim with the Dolphins.
~  Paint my whole house white.
~  See a killer whale at Seaworld.
~  Read a book - laying on grass - in Central Park.
~  Build a wooden veranda out the front of our house.
~  Climb Mount Warning - all the way to the top - to see the sun rise.
~ Tile or put floor boards on our floors.
~ Eat Spaghetti Bol (My favourite meal) in Rome.
~ Make my family photo wall.
~ Watch a musical on Broadway.
~ Make over my office - half chocolate brown walls with a big white desk.
~ Learn to surf.
~ Road Trip north and fish off the northern point of Australia with Rob.
~ Buy a beach house - a unit or small house near the beach that we can have as a holiday house.
~ Go to a sports game in America - football, basketball, baseball - I want to experience the atmosphere!
~ Go to O'Reilleys.
~ See Celine Dion in concert.
~ Ride in a yellow cab in New York.
~ Ride my bike from Logan to the Gold Coast.
~ Visit the snow with Rob - His favourite place. 
~ Teach or Nanny in America. 
~ Visit Nimbin and its beautiful countryside. 
~ Eat an ice cream in Paris
~ Explore the New York City Library.
~ Put a bigger bath in our bathroom.

I have big hopes and even bigger dreams
This is me - who I am and what I love
My list - big and small - Ill get there ;-)

x S.K.K x


Hayley said...

Very very smart!! One day it will happen and you guys will appreciate it so much more for waiting xx ..if you ever get really clucky I could always send CJ down for a week or two.. :D . I also love the list of dreams I see America features heavily.

Slyde said...

well, you certainly have a lot to do in the NY area.

i have to admit that it IS nice being 30 minutes away by car. i just dont get to go into the city too often...

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Great list Sarah! Love it!
I too am a person filled with massive {and tiny} dreams & goals.
Going from a couple to a family is a massive life-changing step. Having a baby brings so much more stress, complications & reponsibility....and parts of 'yourself and your being' are no longer so important. saying that...having a baby also brought so much joy to my life...more than I could have ever imagined! Being a Mum, Ella's Mum, beats any dream or vision I EVER had for myself :) She motivates me everyday to be better, to do more & to experience more! I can't wait to travel with HER one day & tick of a lot of my bucket list items with her by my side :)
But, I agree with Hayley...very smart! Enjoy the magic of marriage & couple time now.
Life is so precious & beautiful :)