Monday, October 18, 2010


I had a wonderful weekend that had a well rounded balance of excitement and adventure and lazy pure relaxation. The perfect combination that I am learning to appreciate more and more everyday.

Friday night we headed into Southbank and went to a gorgeous little Turkish restaurant for dinner with friends. Some of my husbands friends were over from Perth so it was nice for me to finally meet them and for Rob to spend some time with them. I am very lucky to have met some beautiful people through Rob. He has met and grown up with some truly amazing people in the scouting movement and although I sometimes 'give him a little' about being in the scouts (which I am not proud of) I am now truly appreciating the skills, knowledge, common sense and most of all the friendship he has made from the scouts! They are so genuine and down to earth and accept me for me - this is a rare find these days!

This weekend we were suppose to go camping at Somerset Dam, however because of all the rain we have been having, our dams have hit full capacity and on Thursday last week they open the walls and released them into the river! Our camping grounds actually closed for the weekend as they didn't want to risk flooding so camping was called off. We decided to take a few cars up and make a day trip of it and check out the dams and have a picnic lunch at one of the parks. It was such a gorgeous drive out west! It thankfully had stopped raining for the day - the wind however was sticking around and was blowing a gale. It was so glorious traveling - just me and Rob - the open road and our friends following while all communicating via radio. The views that I saw were just breath taking! It has really inspired me to start looking into a better camera to really capture the beauty of the outdoors. My digi cam just couldn't capture the picture of the seeded grass blowing in the wind. I fell in love with the old wooden fences with endless acres of land behind - the old trees that have died from old age but still stand so tall and so beautifully - The cows grazing in the grass and strolling with their calves - and then we got to the dam wall! What a sight! I was so blown away by the magic of the water! It was so amazing to see! As I said before my poor little digi cam couldn't capture the true beauty of what my eyes could see but I did the best I could...ENJOY!

~ Spectacular! The spray was so large we were getting wet! ~

~ Going out to the river ~

 ~ You can read all about why we had a snake in our car here ~

Today was spent cuddled up on the couch or in bed watching movies and reading while my husband worked in the yard - I have tomorrow off so I can get some cleaning done then ;)

I hope you all have a fantastic week and don't forget to head over to Claire and check out some more 'Week-a-Boos'

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Wow what a fun weekend Sarah! I love that photo of the fence line....just lovely!
I'm off to read about the 'snake incident' now :)
I hope you're enjoying your day off today...the sky is sooo blue today, bummed I had to work!! Would rather have been outside enjoying this amazing weather with my little girl :)
Have a great week!

Emma said...

Gorgeous photos of the dam! Sounds like it was a great day trip. Hopefully you'll get another chance to go camping soon.

Have a good week :)