Monday, November 1, 2010


At 1am on the 01.11.08 I was woken by Rob and taken to the car – he told me he had something to show me. Having no idea of the time or really what was happening, heck I probably didn’t even know my own name at that hour of the morning I didn’t argue, got into the car and fell back asleep. Rob woke me once again and it was still dark – this time we were at the bottom of a mountain - Mount Warning. He told me we were going to climb it. He has brought my running shoes – drink bottle – and a few snacks. How could I refuse? I had always wanted to climb mount warning – I just thought I would be a little bit more prepared – mentally and physically – and I thought I would be able to see! It was pitch black as we started on our climb…we were climbing with only the light from our little torch. This was a challenge that I was determined to finish. As we got higher and higher and my breath got shorter and shorter I needed to stop. I was literally falling apart and was so puffed I thought I would die. I might add in here that I had only had severe surgery 2 and a half months earlier to remove a tumor from my bowel so I was hurting A LOT. I told Rob that I couldn’t go any further but he pushed and pushed and was really excited to get to the top by sunrise so I tried to go further. I got about 5 minutes along and had to stop again. My surgery area was killing me but Rob said that we were nearly to the top – so I figured I had put myself through this much pain and come this far it was silly of me to back out now so I pushed myself a bit further – after all, seeing sunrise from the top of the mountain would be pretty amazing. Then I saw this sign…


There was nooooooooo way that I could do that all over again I was sore and tired and freezing and hot – my excuses went on and on – I told Rob that I had tried and tried but I just couldn’t make it. Then through the trees we saw the sunrise. 

We sat down together and watched it through the trees – me being a little sad that I hadn’t pushed myself further to make it to the top and for letting Rob down. I was so upset that Rob had gone to all this trouble and all I did was give up. I turned to apoligise to him but he cut me off. He told me that mount warning was like Queensland’s Eiffel tower, our own romantic mountain and although we didn’t make it to the top it didn’t matter because we will one day. He then pulled out a little blue velvet box – opened it – and asked “Sarah, will you marry me?” I nearly died! We had talked about getting married and I knew he had bought a ring but he was planning on doing it the year after so this took me by total absolute surprise. I am normally very very very switched on – hence why I knew he had the ring and he was going to ask next year – but the cheeky bugger got me. He got me good! I bawled and just hugged him – I didn’t even say yes I was just blown away and over the moon – so corny but I was in shock. He had to ask me again because I didn’t answer him haha

A year and a half later we were married.

Robs proposal was so perfect. It was intimate and totally him! He put his own personal touch on it and I will never forget that day! I am sad we didn’t make it to the top because I gave up – I always joke with him and say if I knew he was going to propose I would of run up that dam mountain haha but I am excited to tackle the mountain again and reach the top as man and wife.

01.11.08 ~ Our Engagement Day
~ 2 years ago on this day the love of my life asked me to marry him ~

Here are a few pictures from our engagement shoot…

 Hand in Hand ~ Always and Forever

x S.K.K x


Hayley said...

Ohh what a beautiful way to propose I had goosesbumps and all :) I also love the pics they are sooo nice my favourite (though it was hard) is the first one of you guys walking in the special xx

Victoria {Victoria's Secrets} said...

Beautiful Photos.
Thank you for following me. x

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh WOW!! So lovely! And you photo's are such a nice memory too :-)