Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Better late then never...

My weekend was filled with catch-ups, BBQ's, Tupperware, date night, pinks and purples, little girls, frills, celebrations, learning and LOVE.

On Saturday I went to a Tupperware party and bought my first piece of Tupperware. Yes Yes I am a bit behind in the times. We have a lot of Tupperware around the home thanks to my mother in law who has given us left them here but I have never been a huge Tupper girl and bought anything. On Saturday however I thought I'd help my girlfriend out and buy a piece to help towards her total. It wasn't much but I bought a drink bottle and I got a bag for $3 which is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. I think I only bought the drink bottle to get the bag hahah I can't wait to get it though! It's goign to be so handy for work!

Saturday night Rob and I went out for dinner together! Huge work hours and a busy social calender (hahah I know I know toot my own horn miss popular) have kept us apart over the past few weeks so a little cheeky dinner was on the cards to spend some nice time together! Even though the entire night was based around should or shouldn't we buy a new car it was lovely to just to get out and simply 'hang out'

Sunday was a big and special day in Robs family...my new family. Our gorgeous little niece 'Makayla' was baptised. It was held in the "Greek orthodox church" and was such a beautiful day and a wonderful experience for me. I am catholic and have been to my fair share of christenings and baptisms but this was very new to me and I loved watching and learning all of the traditions and customs of the Greek religion. My sister in law is Greek and has a big very big family and it was so amazing to be apart of that and meet all of the cousins and aunties and brothers and more cousins and aunties. I felt welcomed and loved and it was just beautiful. The church was just divine and the reception was themed pink and purple and princess..perfect for a precious little girl. Here are a few photos from the special day! 

 ~ Our present for Makayla ~

 ~ The church ~

 ~ I got these little pants made for her - they have her initials and our family motto I MAK SICCAR which means 'I Make Sure" This way she had a little bit of our "K" family with her on the day ~
 ~ The tables at the reception ~

 ~ Her princess cake made by my mother in law ~

~ The centre pieces and the take home gift ~

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend that was filled with lots of fun and love

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x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Your first tupperware purchase....YAY :)
Wow Sarah...your niece's christening looks AMAZING!!!! So beautiful! I especially love the little bracelet you got her...and the take home favours!!
have a great week!

Hayley said...

I love the pants you got made for your niece- they are beautiful and very original :)
A date night sounds perfect..glad you had a great time with your love xx