Monday, November 15, 2010


Once again I had a truly beautiful weekend that was filled with lots of fun and laughter. 
~Many memories were created and special moments were cherished~

On Saturday morning I went to work with Rob. I got to spend most of the day relaxing, sleeping, swimming and photographing on the beach. I hadn’t been to the beach on my own (without the kids I look after) all year so it was beautiful to just sit and enjoy the peace and beauty of the beach. The highlight was swimming on my own – not racing after an over enthusiastic toddler or excited 6 year olds – just me and the waves and the sweet salt air. 

Rob picked these flowers for me and left them beside my beach towel as I slept. 
~ Who said romance is dead ~

My Wildlife lover husband saw this little guy while working and was so excited to show me - I was totally excited until it jumped at me then ran away haha

We then headed home for some family time in the backyard cleaning up and gardening. It was so nice after the day in the sun to hang out in our backyard with the beautiful breeze blowing. Dogs, cats and chickens all playing together!

Saturday night we decided to go out for a romantic night out at the golden arches ;) It was McHappy Day on Saturday so we decided to do our part and go down and buy a Big Mac for the kids

Sunday was a lovely and special day. 2 of my beautiful friends (who are also my brother in laws step children therefore making them our ‘nieces’) came over with their families. Emily and her fianc√© Guy have a beautiful baby girl called Chloe and Jessica and her boyfriend Brook brought over their little brother (Nathan and Cass’s son – my nephew) Oliver. We put on a BBQ and spent the day swimming and hanging out and spending some gorgeous quality time together. We always see each other at family events but Sunday was just a day for us 6 to hang out and have some fun! The babies had a ball in the pool and I was so excited to spend some time with these gorgeous babies. Now that summer is only around the corner and the weather is heating up I cant wait for more of these days. There is nothing better then relaxing by the pool with your loved ones. I am so lucky to have these amazing people in my life and I have truly found gorgeous friends. 

 ~ Our neighbours stopped by with their bird which is EXACTLY the same as our bird - super cute ~

And that was my weekend - head over to Claire at Scissors Paper Rock for more Week-a-Boo's

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Ok Sarah....that weekend truly was PERFECT! You sure did have an amazing mix of fun & relaxation. Your & Rob's relationship is so sweet & that shows in all your photos & the way you write about him!!
I always enjoy a peek into your weekend.

Hayley said...

You are one lucky woman to have flowers picked for you..still :) It looked like a gorgeous weekend and I am super envious :P

Sarah said...

gorgeous beach pictures Sarah ... the flowers are very very sweet!