Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Can Do It Girlfriend

At age 14 I had a group of girlfriends and we were inseparable. My BEST friend changed over the first few years of high school and I was very fortunate and lucky to have such beautiful girls in my life. One thing we loved to do was sing. We used to sing all of our favourite songs, popular and not popular and harmonise and split up each song like we were the pros. Every lunch we used to go down to the bridge and practice our chosen song for the week and just sing sing sing. We used to have parties in which we would get dressed up and get out our parents bar stools and put on performances for our friends. Our poor friends hahah How bored they must of been. (Isn't it funny that from age 13-15 this is how our time and parties were spent. These days girls at that age are out at parties getting drunk and sleeping around - I know this is judgmental and it's terrible for me to say and I really do hope that girls out there are proving me wrong and still holding on to their innocence) Anyway my dear friend Carly and I decided to write our own song. We spent hours, days, weeks writing our song. I remember working on a line at a time and each line we would work on for hours. The melody and the words we worked as one. We made sure it was perfect! 10 years later I still remember every lyric and every note. We didn't know music or how to write music so it's all in my head and every now and then I catch myself humming away to the tune and it makes me laugh! How cute and innocent we were and we were so proud! 

~ Here is our song ~


You all want to be somebody
you all want to be something
so open up your heart to me and sing sing sing
You all want to do the right thing
You know whats right from wrong
So open up your heart to me and sing it through a song

So when your body starts a moving and your mind is gonna blow
You tomorrow will be better and today is gonna go so..

You can do it girlfriend

Take it to the top girl
Throw your hands and do a twirl
Always smile and never frown
and dont take no put downs
Woah let's work together, lets be one
we can make a difference and have some fun 
You can do it girlfriend

Taking it to the top, 
gonna let rock, 
gonna get it hot 
dont let it drop yo
its not up to me
its up to you 
so believe in yourself, 
sing it sister


Oh dear it makes me laugh every time I sing it! This is such a special memory I will always have, Those special moments spent with my girls. Reading over the song we actually had a lot we wanted to say. This was our little way of expressing it!

Always remember - YOU CAN DO IT GIRLFRIEND!!! ;-)

x S.K.K x

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