Wednesday, November 24, 2010

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree You fill all hearts with gaiety!!!
Putting up the Christmas Tree is my favourite part of Christmas!  As soon as I moved in with Rob and I had my first home of my own our Christmas Tree was the only thing on my mind! Mum knew how important this was to me so her and dad bought us our very own Christmas tree back in 2007! We searched and searched for the perfect one until finally finding 'Our Tree' The decorations are just as important! I am not a tinsel girl and you will not see tinsel anywhere near my tree! I am more of a traditional decorator and every single decoration has been chosen with a lot of thought and care! Each year I add more to our collection so hopefully in a few years it will be complete! I have all of my Christmas decorations that I made or received in my past...even a decoration my year 1 teacher gave to me! My dad has made me a decoration for each year I have had my own tree and has put the year on it! These 3 are very special to me and I hope to collect them for a lifetime!

I love traditions! My Christmas traditions are very important to me! Thankfully Rob loves and supports this. Even though I can be very extremely crazy with it at times. He just smiles and nods and goes along with it all because he knows how much it means to me! This year I wanted to start our own tradition. It is our first Christmas as a married couple which is so very special to me! I suggested to Rob that we put the Christmas tree up on the 25th of November...that way the tree is up for a month before Christmas! Adding on a little extra week just to enjoy the beauty and magic of our tree. You know that loving supporting husband I described above....GONE! He put his foot down and said that it was tradition to put it up on the 1st! I want tradition...that's the tradition. We put our cases to each other for a few days after this argument words until I gave in and didn't push any further. After all what was a week anyway? Putting it up on the 1st will be fine!!!

Tonight I came out of the living room and found AAALLLLLL of the Christmas decorations, lights and tree out of the roof and spread out on the floor. Ummmmmmm the 1st is another week away! "Yes but the 25th is tomorrow so we better get organised" he said! All I could do was give him the BIGGEST hug I could with a few tears in my eyes! He said that tomorrow we have been married 7 months so what a perfect way to celebrate! Did I mention what an amazing, thoughtful, loving, supportive husband I have??? Oh I love him!!

So tomorrow we are putting our tree up! We have our new K family tradition where our tree goes up on November 25. I can't wait to put on Mariah Carey's Christmas album (another tradition Rob suffers through :-P ) and put up our gorgeous tree!

 Our Tree

~ Our first year 2007 ~ 

~ 2008~

~ 2009 ~

When do you put your Christmas Tree up?? Are you a traditional decorator (Who set these traditions anyway?) and put it up on December 1? Do you put it up earlier? Do you have any family traditions of your own? Do you make it a big deal? A family event? Do you have an angel or a star? Who puts this on top of the tree? 

x S.K.K x

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