Sunday, November 21, 2010


Home Sweet Home

This weekend was a lovely change to our usual go go go weekends. We had a wonderful balance of home and family time with a few outings here and there. Even though I LOVE all of our adventures and trips we go on I am so happy as I sit here on a Sunday night looking back on a beautiful weekend. 

 ~ Happy 30th to my amazing cousin ~

Last week my cousin turned the big 3 0. Unfortunately because of work commitments I could not make her birthday lunch or cake on her actual birthday so on Friday night her husband and 2 children and Rob and I went out for dinner to celebrate. Cassi and I have always been close and when we young EVERYONE used to ask if we were sisters . Over the past few years Cass and I have become extremely close and I am very lucky because she lives 5 houses down from us. She is always there for me when I need her help, advice or just a shoulder to cry on. I am so lucky to have a beautiful person in my life and I love growing up with a beautiful family. 

Saturday morning was spent cleaning and working around the house. Normally I would mumble and grown about this job however on Saturday I loved just working away with the music up loud and taking pride in our beautiful little home. I love it so much! I'm so lucky. While I was cleaning Rob was outside working on our green house. He was putting on the finishing touches and making the gate. 

After getting the house back into order I had a date with our couch and our Wedding photos. I got all of our photos printed out on Friday - all 600 of them - I didn't really think and realise how many 600 photos were but let me tell you IT'S A LOT. So I spent the afternoon sorting, reminiscing, categorising and placing all the photos into our new album. I only got though 10 pages....50 to go hahah

 ~ so many photos ~

Rob and I spent some special time together on Saturday afternoon and then we went out to dinner with our friends. It was Emily's birthday so we went out for dinner and had a dance after. There was an amazing band playing and I enjoyed letting loose and dancing up a storm. Even if I was the only one on the dance floor!

Sunday we relaxed!!!

We didn't wake up untill 11am  which was a lovely sleep in and then we hung out with our puppies in the yard and chilled out in front of a movie. 

 Sunday night I ran myself a relaxing bath and enjoyed a sneaky pop tart and my favourite book!
~ A beautiful ending to a beautiful weekend ~

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x S.K.K x

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Sarah....a prefect balanced weekend of work & play! LOVE your candlelit bath :)
And how cute are your pets?!!!
Have a great week Lovely!