Monday, November 29, 2010


I can't believe another weekend has passed! Time is flying by so fast I just can not keep up with it! Can you believe this is the last weekend of November! Hello are just around the corner. This weekend was wonderful. On Saturday I had a special day with my mummy! We went into the city and had a shopping day! it was so lovely just to chill out and spend some girl time with each other. No husbands or work or doggies - which our lives are full of - just mum, myself and the endless shops in the city. We were only going to spend the morning but by the time we stopped for lunch it was 1 oclock and we had only gotten through one street of shops. So we stayed for a few more hours - while we were there :-P I really loved spending this special day with my mum!

~ This beautiful turkey and bacon sandwich restored my energy and got me through our day of shopping! Shopping is such hard work ~

Today we had a lot of fun! It was one of my favourite days of being a 'puppy mummy' My puppies are my babies. I celebrate all of their birthdays and give them cakes and presents. I talk to them, discipline them and love them like they were my babies. and today was no different. Today we were off to visit SANTA PAWS. Rspca put on this event every year where you can go and take your pooches to the store and get their picture taken with SANTA PAWS. A Christmas highlight for our puppy babies. 

We got up nice and early and had a special bath just for Santa!
~ Then we were all set and ready to go ~
 ~ So we waited... ~

 ... and waited

 ... and waited
... and waited
... and then 2 hours later it was time to go in...and of course my babies were too scared of Santa and wouldn't sit with him hahah they were just like kids! Blaze just froze and wouldn't move! I told them that we had waited 2 hours for them to see Santa so they were getting a dam photo haha so mummy and daddy had to sit with them with the dogs on our laps hahah sound familiar 'real mummies' out there??? God help us when we have kids hehe but at least we got a family photo with Santa! We get the pic in a few weeks! 

Every Sunday night we have family dinner at my mum and dads. In our busy lives it allows us to all get together and talk about our weeks and we end up just laughing the whole entire time.  Mum cooks a meal and we just chill out and relax. This Sunday was very special as we celebrated the first weekend of Christmas - in our family anyway. Mum had put up their Christmas tree and had completely decorated the house! We had dinner by candle light, sparklers after dinner and then a walk up the street to see our first Christmas lights. A perfect night to celebrate the beginning of Christmas! 

 ~ My mums Christmas tree and our table decoration ~

 ~ Candle lit dinner ~

~ This house was so beautiful and the couple had made sure every little detail was perfect! It is a Christmas wonderland! ~

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x S.K.K x


Belinda said...

What a gorgeous weekend.

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

WOW....that really is a Christmas wonderland!!! AWESOME!!!
Your weekend sounds great are so cute with your dogs {sorry...children}, I love that you took them for Santa photos :)
Have a great week.

Paula said...

Sarah, you guys come across as so chilled and happy. Moments like this I wish I didn't live in Sydney. Oh, and love the pups too :)