Sunday, November 14, 2010

An old find

Sunny Sunday where are you. The sun is trying oh so very hard to push through the clouds in the sky. It succeeds for a few minutes then the clouds take over again! I am hoping the sun wins very soon as we have friends coming over for a BBQ and a day by the pool! Fingers crossed the sun puts on a show for us!!!

Here are a few little beauties that I found in my draws at mum and dads last week...

 ~ My old camera - with film - I cant not remember the last time I used this camera so I went straight down to the photo shop to get the film developed - can't wait to get the photos back - What a suprise that will be ~

~ GenEXXA All Weather Walkman ~

~ My old TAPE walkman! It was very cool back in the day as it had a tape player AND am/fm radio! I was totally up in the times ;) ~

~ The best part about this little find was that they were both in a blue BUM BAG! A beautiful little 80's package that took me straight down memory lane!

Happy Sunday Every One

x S.K.K x

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